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Have you seen a steakhouse on top of a car wash? Nope? Well then you haven’t been to Bambang and you haven’t tried Red Baron, which I will remember most for being a steakhouse on top of a car wash. Hey maybe that’s a good reference when you come looking for it, ask the driver to take you to that steakhouse on top of a car wash. Okay, I mentioned it three times already so if you miss this place still then I don’t know anymore. I just feel that I should emphasize the setup of this resto because my friend who lives within the area didn’t know that Red Baron exists. She was under the impression that Red Baron is a car wash. But it’s not, so let’s start the review.

Once upon a time, there is a coffee shop of the same name somewhere in Quezon City. Later on, some genius who loves steaks thought of incorporating delectable steak offerings to this cafe, thus the birth of Red Baron that we know today. The new branch in Bambang, Manila opened in March this year. Space is small, with extra seating outside, just on top of the stairs. There is nothing fancy about the design of the interiors, dark tones are favored, which is why I appreciate the glass window because it allows natural light to come into the room.

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red-baron-manila-coffeehan (1)

I was invited to the event by my friend Michy (I Am Dekaphobic), along with four other bloggers Cai (Travelosyo), Jerro (GourManila), Arriane (Riane’s Leasure Finds), and Stacy (Tsinoy Foodies). We were warmly welcomed by one of the owners, Melvin Cheng.

I’ve always viewed steaks as some serious business; heavy on the pocket, heavy on the stomach. I was naturally expecting Red Baron’s steaks to be expensive so I think I did a double take when I saw that they have steaks under 500 pesos. But let’s set the steaks for later and talk about their appetizers first.


When you look at the menu there is a “Believe me it’s really different” line that pertains to their Nachorrific (PHP 258). So I tried to remember all the nachos that I’ve had in the past and wondered why this one is claiming that it is different. Is it served in a gold plate? Is it a make-your-own-nachos? If I eat this will I suddenly become a Math genius? Well, it was none of the above. But the claim is true, Nachorrific doesn’t just have a unique name it is indeed unlike any of the nachos that I’ve had before. The tortilla chips are not of yellow color, they are white, ultra-thin and very crisp, with a generous amount of beef. Even the cheese sauce is different, sweet and watery. So far, it is the best nachos I’ve ever eaten.


Then we were served Clam Chowder Soup (PHP 159). I almost didn’t touch this because I was preparing for my tummy for the real deal; the steaks. Then I though, maybe I could just have a sip or two, just to know what it tastes like. Turns out one sip is not enough, it was so velvety smooth and delicious that I almost finished the entire bowl all to myself.



Red Baron may have turned into a steakhouse, but their coffee and other drinks remain. The bitter Brewed Coffee is just what I needed because I went there in a semi-conscious state. It was successful into jolting my dull senses back to life.

red-baron-manila-frozen-crunchy-mango-cake-coffeehan (2)

Apart from the coffee, they have shakes that are so good, I’m convinced this it’s what sweet dreams are made of. They have coffee-based and non-coffee based Frizzy collection. Among the flavors that we were able to try are the following:

Good Shepherd Ube (PHP 138) if we are going to base it with the name, is probably prepared with that famous Good Shepherd ube that we all like to take home from Baguio. It tastes like an ube-flavored milkshake.

red-baron-manila-good-shepherds-ube-coffeehan (8)

The Mocha (PHP 138) flavor is just so-so so I wouldn’t recommend this.


Good news to the Nutella addicts, Red Baron has Nutella (PHP 155) shake. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to taste this one.


But the  best shake of them all in my opinion is the one that I had, the drink that brought back some childhood memories that involved running after the ice scramble vendor, it’s the non-coffee based Frizzy drink, Ice Scramble (PHP 138). It’s like the improved version of that pink-colored drink and like that ice scramble that I used to buy when I was a kid, has a generous amount of powdered milk.



Now let’s go to the real reason we all went to Red Baron, the steaks. The first dish where I had my fork and knife on is the Lamb Steak (PHP 299). The lamb meat is not something I get to eat everyday with the beef, pork, and chicken monopolizing the market. It’s the reason why I am not too familiar with the taste of the lamb, I just know that this meat tends to me rubbery or tougher than the other types of meat. I found RB’s lamb steak to be okay. It has a spice called, garam masala, which flavor is strongly present.



The Rib Eye Steak (PHP 295) comes with a very savory and creamy mashed potato side dish. The steak itself is thick and juicy.


Out of all the steaks, this spicy offering is my favorite, the El Diablo Crusty Steak (PHP 952). It’s a striploin made more delectable by their special chili sauce. Not only does it come with rice, it also has three side dishes: Fries, Mashed Potato, and Mac and Cheese.


If you want a sweet dish I recommend the Smoked Baby Back Ribs.


Burgers and Pies

If you don’t feel like eating steaks then maybe you can try their burgers and pie. The Flakey Tuna Pie tastes as good as it looks. It may be small but has a generous tuna filling.


Hawaiian Luau Burger (PHP 225) is 100% Angus beef with pineapple, ham, and tomato, and special rib sauce. It was real tasty.


It looks like a sandwich but they call it, Brunch Monster Burger (PHP255). It is 100% Angus beef burger with coated egg, bacon, and cheese.



Despite being full already, I still had enough room for dessert. The Frozen Crunchy Mango Cake (PHP 145) is a true delight. If I am not mistaken it’s an ice cream cake, topped with slices of mangoes. It’s so good I gazed at the remaining cakes with sadness because I was already too full to eat them all.

red-baron-manila-frozen-crunchy-mango-cake-coffeehan (1)

After spending like the whole day eating our food trip has come to an end. Both my tummy and my heart is filled. I am quite thankful to Melvin for the invite and for letting us discover for ourselves what Red Baron has to offer. Red Baron Manila is like an answer to steak lovers who are looking for a more affordable option. Even with cheap price, food quality here is above average and so I give this a high recommendation. Red Baron has a branch in Quezon City but if you want to go to their Manila branch, remember my instruction above: Look for the steakhouse on top of a car wash.


Red Baron Ribs and Steaks
Facebook: Redbaronribs
Instagram: @redbaronribs
Contact Numbers: QC (63) 905-4002138/Manila (63) 916-7864647/7145149


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