Protons 29: A Challenge for Like-Hearted Souls

Protons29 is an online challenge that encourages people to practice the habit of being grateful. It started in 2012, a leap year, with over 150 participants. The challenge began on Twitter and the partakers were mostly from the circle of friends of its creator, Kimi Lu. To explain the name of the project, protons is what Kimi likes to call people based from her belief that everyone is a positively charged being; the 29, on the other hand, is from February 29, which only happens every leap year.

Protons – a subatomic particle with a positive electric charge.
29 – February 29 only happens during leap year.

When asked what the purpose behind Protons29 is, Kimi answered,

“It was really to heighten the energy of positivity. I thought that if a lot of people were doing the same positive thing together, then the impact would be greater.”

It is safe to say that the project is a success. Since its inception, Protons29 has already spawned four challenges, each year comes with a specific theme:

  • 2012 — Live positively
  • 2013 — Self-love
  • 2014 — Attitude of gratitude
  • 2015 — Think good, feel good, do good

Kimi Lu

I met Kimi Lu in 2012 in the midst of a severe depression. She is a licensed Certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy Life coach, and Reiki Master Practitioner. She underwent formal trainings at Bennet Stellar University in San Diego, California, Spiritual Unfoldment Network in Manhattan, New York City, Urban Breath New York, and The Story Studio New York. She now offers life coaching services in her healing space at Nola House Molina St., Makati.

protons_coffeehan (7)

When I asked her what she does, she explains,

“I teach people how to make anyone fall in love with them. This doesn’t solely mean romantic love. It can be a charismatic kind of love. In other words, you will be likeable. So how can one be likeable? When they are positive! So I coach and train individuals, groups, even corporations — to be positive beings.”

Kimi’s favorite motto is, “Life is a party. Celebrate it.” She believes that each little victory should be celebrated and to be grateful for each little thing, success, and moment, may it good or bad.

The Impact

By taking the Protons29 challenge, many people have learned to appreciate life better. A couple is now practicing drinking 8 glasses of water together because they feel the difference in their bodies and it has also become their bonding activity, a woman has been saved from suicide, a couple fell in love during one of the meetups, to name a few.

“The impact was big and small. I think it was a collection of little positive things that I feel now has affected people differently in a positive way of course,” Kimi says.

Kimi also receives good feedback from the participants on a daily basis,

“I love it that they actually report, and I get to see their posts online. It’s a good indication that they are really into it,” she shares.

Protons29 Meetup

After each challenge, Kimi sets up the Protons29 meetup where challenge takers are able to interact with one another. Personally, I have never taken the challenge, but I was able to attend two meetups, thanks to Kimi’s invitation.

The 2015 Protons29 meetup was held recently at Local Edition café. Protons29 meetups involve a lot of interactions among the participants, including opening up to a complete stranger about your past struggles and how you overcame them. In this particular meetup, we did several activities, such as writing down on a piece of paper the things that we are thankful for, sharing about our everyday mantra, answering the set questions that Kimi prepared by discussing it with the other participants in a speed-dating style, and writing a letter to ourselves.

protons_coffeehan (3)

According to Kimi, the meetup solidifies the community,

“I want each proton to know that there are really like-minded people with like-minded hearts and souls. It gives us more chance to radiate!”

Future Plans

Kimi’s ultimate goal for Protons29 is to keep it going as long as she can. She plans to have more projects that are connected to this endeavor, like the grateful jar. She also shares that she is coming up with a big plan, which may happen either late this year or next year,

“It’s connected to protons + grateful jar + Surprise!”

Advice from the Life Coach

In a time where more and more people are seeking happiness who usually associate it with life successes or material things, Kimi shares her thoughts on how one can achieve happiness,

“First, gratitude. When you are grateful, then everything is enough. Second, you are not alone. In this journey of life, we all go through things differently and in at different pace each time, so we need to be at peace with that thought, that we are not alone. Other people are seeking for happiness and it’s ok if it doesn’t come right now, but know that it’s already coming at the right time!”

I am planning to officially join the Protons29 challenge in February 2016. If you too want to join, or if you want to know more about Kimi Lu and her services, you may contact her through the following:

Kimi Lu
Website: www.kimilu.com
Facebook: Kimilu / Grateful Jar
Instagram: @KIMILU
Twitter: @kimilu

Kimi Lu is happiness personified. She smiles a lot, her eyes twinkle, and when she arrives, the room lights up. She looks excited about everything in life and is always grateful for the things that she has no matter how small. Now imagine being in a room full of people like her; that’s what you can expect in a Protons29 Meetup.

“There are no mistakes, only lessons to be learned.” — Kimi Lu

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