Plank Sourdough Pizza Review

Plank Sourdough Pizza reaches the Philippines shore just last January 2017. It originates in the East Coast of Singapore by global baker, Dean Brettschneider. Plank is developed by the same people behind Baker & Cook chain of artisan bakeries and foodstores. Just like its Singapore counterpart, Plank Sourdough Pizza’s branch sits beside Baker & Cook. I was able to visit it recently with my KTG friends. So here goes my Plank Sourdough Pizza review.

It has a side entrance, but if you are coming from inside the mall, you have to go through Baker & Cook. It has all the cozy feels that most pizza place have. Staying true to its name, there are planks of different colors on the ceiling. There is also a sidewall that is made entirely of plank wood. And there is an open kitchen where you can see the staff busy making your food.

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plank-sourdough-pizza-coffeehan (2)
plank-sourdough-pizza-coffeehan (3)
plank-sourdough-pizza-coffeehan (16)
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I didn’t know how Plank’s pizza would fare from all the pizza that I had in the past. I learned from their website that Plank’s pizza base goes through a long fermentation process using a combination of flours. The fermentation process lasts for up to 48 hours at 8°C using natural wild yeast, salt, water, and extra virgin olive oil. At least this is what I learned from their website.


I remember when I had a pizza drizzled with honey before and I didn’t like it. Since then I pretty much decided that pizza shouldn’t be sweet, because it become weird tasting. The Cheese Plank Pizza (PHP 180 – USD 3.58) changed my mind. It’s shaped in an oblong, cut in small squares that it didn’t occur to me it’s actually a pizza until I saw its name on the menu. It looks more like a bread and it’s drizzled with jam. The jam makes it sweet but on this pizza, it works. I really loved it. 


Then there’s the Trio B&C dips with Crostinis (PHP 260 – USD 5.17); it has lemon hummus, red pepper and eggplant, and garlic tzatziki. Crostini, an Italian appetizer, is small slices of grilled or toasted bread. Tzatziki, on the other hand is a sauce made of salted strained yogurt or diluted yogurt. I am not a fan of toast bread, so I would rate this appetizer as just, “okay.”


Caprese Salad (PHP 375 – USD 7.46) is just a small serving so it was practically gone in 60 seconds. I like the little cherry tomatoes in it, so red and succulent.  


When I saw the kitchen staff preparing the meat, I salivated. I love pizza but I was hoping to sample other food on their menu; wish granted! I saw the Plank Roast Chicken (3 pcs, PHP 495 – USD 9.84) being taken out of the brick oven and I almost clapped in excitement. The chicken and the Plank Ribs (4 bones, PHP 595 – USD 11.83) were amazing, juicy, sweet, and flavorful. 



Now let’s go to the real star of Plank, the pizza offering. Interestingly, they name their pizza by numbers. 0 to 7 except number 5 (I wonder why). The Cheese Plank Pizza by the way is part of their Starters, it’s not included in the list of their main pizza offering. We were able to try the following flavors:

plank-sourdough-pizza-coffeehan (10)
plank-sourdough-pizza-coffeehan (11)
plank-sourdough-pizza-coffeehan (7)
plank-sourdough-pizza-coffeehan (8)
  • 3 – Creamy tomato sauce, shiitake mushroom, shrimps, salmon, capers, arugula, extra virgin coconut oil (PHP 580 – USD 11.53)
  • 4 – Creamy tomato sauce BBQ chicken strawberry compote, brie, arugula & extra virgin coconut oil (PHP 610 – USD 12.13)
  • 6 – Creamy tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, parma ham, arugula, extra virgin coconut oil (PHP 520 – USD 10.34)
  • 7 Creamy white sauce sauteed onions, shiitake, oyster mushroom with mirin, flaked parmesan, truffle oil, chili flakes (PHP 595 – USD 11.83)

The first thing I noticed about their pizza is that the dough is soft down to the crust. The pizza is thin, not too crisp, just how I want it. Even when they weren’t heavy on ingredients, the pizza are savory. The best one for me is pizza #4.

Our desserts were taken care of Baker & Cook. They served us coffee and samplers of their cakes. There’s Carrot Cake, Lamington, Summer Fruits Cheesecake, Canele, Zesty Lemon & Thyme Pound Cake, and Eclair. The Canele was my favorite hands down.



Plank Sourdough Pizza can be found on the ground floor of S Maison, Conrad Manila.

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Comments (3)

  1. Married With Passports
    Married With Passports

    I’m an avid pizza fan, have tried many sweet pizza’s and never managed to fall in love with them. Somehow I agree with you that a pizza should always be savoury and never sweet. I’m intrigued about this one though, if you don’t like sweet pizza’s but liked this one than surely it’s a must to try 🙂

  2. Laura

    Aaaaaah! So happy to see you discovered the deliciousness of sourdough pizza! We don’t eat ‘normal’ pizza anymore since we discovered this variety! Can I just say your pizza looked absolutely delicious? Kind of hungry right now .. MMMMMM!

  3. Vinuta

    Mouthwatering pizzas. I am a die-hard fan of pizzas. The dessert and the coffee is killer. It is lunch time for me and my stomach is growling at the site of the pizzas , salad and dessert. Yummilicious, I wish I would get a chance to taste the Plank Sourdough pizza one day.


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