Music Overdose At Fete De La Musique 2016

There are three things for which I have a terrible addiction for, coffee, travel, and music. And if music was fatal I would have definitely OD’d last June 17th. It’s 11 hours of pure music on my third music festival this year, Fete de la Musique.

Fete de la Musique a.k.a. World Music Day is celebrated in over 120 countries and in the Philippines, this is their 20th anniversary. Tourism Promotion Board (TPB), one of the event’s sponsors, invited me and some bloggers (including my friend, Darlene of Point Shoot + Wanderlust) to cover the event. Our day started at 4PM at A. Venue Mall parking lot where we met the TPB coordinators and two other bloggers. When the group was  finally complete, our adventure began.

The Young and Hip at A.Venue Mall Parking

Darlene was raving about band that we heard playing on stage. It was The Ransom Collective, an indie band made up of 6 twenty somethings; 4 girls and 2 boys. Apart from their catchy and feel good music, all members are easy on the eyes. I was particularly taken by the violinist, not because I’ve turned lesbian okay, but I have always been fascinated by the people who can play the violin (in fact my favorite The Corrs’ member is Sharon, the violinist).

The crowd in this venue was young and hip, which reminded me of the people at Malasimbo festival. I liked The Ransom Collective’s energy as well as their songs; we were off to a good start. [Read: 6 Things You Missed at Malasimbo Festival 2016]

I would have wanted to stay more, but we had to go to the other venues. TPB provided us with a van service to help us get around Makati City where the events were scattered.

Culture and Funk at Greenbelt

The audience at Greenbelt is more subdued composed  mostly of young professionals and the expats. There were a few chairs set up in front of the stage, the people were not as enthusiastic, nevertheless I could sense that they were having fun listening to good music. We watched this band with a sexy front-woman with an incredible voice, called, Chillitees. After 3 songs, we had dinner at Via Mare.

When we returned to the venue, we watched the band, Indio-i’s take on a well-loved Bob Marley’s song, “No Woman No Cry.”

After their performance, the next band that took the stage had me feeling nostalgic. That’s because I saw them play at Banahaw Tugtugan in April, the folk ethnic band, Talahib. [Read: Banahaw Tugtugan at Bangkong Kahoy Valley]

This band is amazing so I didn’t leave my seat and waited for them to play. I wasn’t even halfway their first song when I received a call from one of my companions, informing us that we were ready to go to the next destination. I looked at Talahib one last time then off we went.

The Thug Life at Lokal Hostel

Our group split into two to cover two hostels. The other group went to Z Hostel while I joined Darlene and Abi at Lokal Hostel. By the entrance, Darlene and I spent some time appreciating the artworks painted on the wall. We even chanced upon some artists in the process of creating something awesome.

It was a long climb to the rooftop where the party was being held. As soon as I opened the door, I was welcomed by smoke, so thick I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. A rap artist, whom I couldn’t see clearly through all that dense vapor was rapping to his heart’s content.

The crowd was as thick as the smoke that we struggled our way in. We went all the way to the back just to observe the scene. I wasn’t really into this kind of music so this has been the least enjoyable out of all the events that we’d been that night. While Greenbelt had the expats, Lokal had the backpackers. I’m not saying they were but the crowd there looked they were all high, that a mere glance had me feeling high too.

Apparently, Abi and Darlene were just waiting for me to call it quits because as soon as I told them that we should go, they readily agreed.

Hot and Heavy at B Side

We regrouped at the B Side in Kamagong for a dose of some reggae music. I thought the crowd at Lokal Hostel was already too much, guess I had spoken too early. The people in this venue was unbelievable, the queue goes all the way to the side of the street. This is where the not-so-rich kids kids hang out. I thought we had to fall in line too, thank god the media ID we were wearing gave us easy access.

As soon as we were in, I struggled to find a spot where I could be comfortable because it was stifling hot inside I could barely breathe. Soon, my skin felt damp and sticky from sweat. I didn’t get the name of the performer, but he did sing a pretty good reggae music.

And I wasn’t able to last that long, so were my companions. We went out to the street and waited for our van service. Despite the fact that there were no more space inside, people still kept coming in.

May pakain si  mayor (the mayor is giving out free food),”

I joked to my companions.

Crazy and Reckless at Black Market

I was never into the clubbing scene, but if I was on the mood, I sure know how to enjoy it. I was ostensibly on the mood that night because I had fun dancing, drinking, and observing people at the Black Market.

First, we stayed on this private room on the second floor where we all shared one round of drinks. After an hour or so, we left the room and joined the party. 

We stayed on the bridge that leads to the VIP area. It offers a good view of the scene downstairs. Everybody looked like they were having a good time. It was so refreshing to see people in their careless state, doesn’t matter if they didn’t know how to dance, it doesn’t matter if their outfit doesn’t leave much to the imagination, it doesn’t matter if they don’t even know the music that was playing, what matters is that they were all free to dance and have fun like there was no tomorrow.

And I know exactly how they feel. I was up there, dancing to the tune, forgetting for a moment that I may be too old for that kind of scene. The only thing that reminded me of my age was when the DJ started playing 90s music and I knew every song on the playlist. It was both nostalgic and funny.


The best thing about this music festival aside from the fact that it’s free of charge,  is that it has everything for everyone. They had pocket stages, each one was genre specific, to offer to people with different tastes in music. Indeed, it’s the perfect event for music fans.

If you have to get high, go high with music. Really, it’s the same thing minus the risk. That night I went home, completely drunk on music. And I’d do it all over again.

Now let’s cap it with my Snapchat capture of the event.



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Comments (12)

  1. Lester

    I’ve heard great things about this year’s fete dela musique. This one is definitely one for the music and the arts! Too bad I didn’t had the chance to go 🙁

  2. Master Ryo
    Master Ryo

    Wow! This is awesome as much as you like music mate.
    I also appreciate it that much. How I wish, this event can be possible in Cebu soon.
    As I saw it, it is pack with much arts and music!

    cheers! http://www.masterryo.wordpress.com

  3. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy

    What a fun event! Except for the thick smoke part, I enjoyed roaming around with you through your post.

  4. Nimi

    I so envy you for being here. I am crazy for such concerts. I wish one soch music festival happens again soon in India. Its been over a year since I have attended one 😉

  5. Xavier B
    Xavier B

    La Fête de la Musique is an awesome event’. Just pick a town, any town, and roam into its streets to find out every kind of local artists at any corners. You have drinks and food everywhere, in every bars and pubs you also have local bands. This is really the night for music lover. On top of that, most of the students in France have their exam at this period, so it’s even less crowded than how it should be Haha

  6. the visual traveler
    the visual traveler

    The last time I’ve joined Fete dela Musique was many years ago before I relocated to Cebu. There was only one venue for all the musical acts. unfortunately, where I currently live, they don’t have this particular music festival. Your post brings me back to those musical memories.


    Open air music festivals are great! Well, the only downside is that here in the Philippines, it is hot and humid so that’s a lot of you know what mixing in the air. Still, that does not take away the fun, does it? So I agree with Klaudia!

  8. Charm Gamboa
    Charm Gamboa

    This is the second blog I read about this event and it’s so cool that Manila has events like this offering good music to just chill and let the music guide you it’s good vibe. I don’t any of the bands but because of your post, I’ll look them up on Youtube.

  9. Claire Algarme
    Claire Algarme

    I hope they do a similar thing here in Bacolod. It’s good of PTB to sponsor an event like this. It’s also nice to promote the various hostels in the area. I’d like to watch such music festivals, too. Definitely, music, travel and coffee are great combination.

  10. Klaudia

    I love open air music festivals . And the best of all , free of charge , this is amazing . Wouldn’t know , where to find any gig you can join for free over here . What a fantastic opportunity for the young ones to have a great time !

  11. Sabine - SofarsoSabine
    Sabine - SofarsoSabine

    I love how in summer those festivals and outside concerts are done over the whole country here in Sweden. We are a real festival city (Stockholm). As well in Gothenburg I saw a lot of music festivals and concerts outdoor. Did you see Stockholm’s summer burst? You should totally check it out.


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