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One day, some peeps from Moonleaf decided to send me a package because apparently I’ve been such a good girl. Nah… they just want me to maybe write about the newly opened Moonleaf branch in Ortigas. Anyway, the package contains a greeting card, a planner, three pens, and four 100 pesos worth of gift certificates.


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April 29 (yep, that’s how outdated this story is, good thing this is not a newspaper), Alchris and I went on a mission to find Moonleaf Ortigas. What we thought to be a simple endeavor turned out to be an adventure as we were forced to engage in a walkathon. I didn’t expect that it was a long walk from the MRT Shaw station to Julia Vargas. I’ve lost count of the intersections that we had to cross, the streets that we trod, and the curses I screamed toward Alchris for forgetting he had a companion. See, while we were crossing one intersection, the red light suddenly flashed and the cars started moving. Alchris in a moment of panic ran for his dear life. Had I lacked the sense to hold on to his arm, he would have left me behind.

After that little brush with death, we finally spotted the huge sign that bears the name of Home Depot. By that time my feet was already cramping, which usually happens after a considerable amount of walking. We didn’t spot Moonleaf right away so Alchris had to ask a security guard for directions. It turned out that Moonleaf is located round the corner of Home Depot, by the end of the street. So we walked some more, with me, willing my messed up feet to cooperate, until we finally reached the place.


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This Moonleaf branch has two floors and an al fresco area. I noticed that there were several people with laptop computers staying upstairs, probably taking advantage of the free WiFi.


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I found that I was actually the first blogger to use the gift certificates (wow excited much). We thought we could also use the GCs for their pastries, unfortunately, it is only exclusive to the milk teas. Anyhoo, I ordered White Taro Milktea (PHP95). It tastes just like their Wintermelon Milktea only it has a hint of taro flavor.


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Alchris had Honey Milktea (PHP80).


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Since Ortigas is not exactly a stone throw away from where I live, I decided to just use all of the GCs. I bought two more drinks that night, which Alchris and Diwa (our officemate) shared.

Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful to Moonleaf for sending me that package and for allowing me to visit their branch in Ortigas. I just don’t think I could frequent this place because it is too far from mine. But to the people of Ortigas, especially those who hate crowds, I recommend you give this branch a visit.


Food Street, Ortigas Home Depot,
Dona Julia Vargas Avenue,
Ortigas, Pasig City


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