Lan Zhou La Mian

Are you guys familiar with hand-pulled noodles called, lamian? It’s a type of Chinese noodle that is, “made by stretching and folding the dough into strand,” – Wikipedia. And I think I just found the best tasting lamian in town, thanks to my friend, Tina, who took me to this noodle house along Masangkay Street in Manila last Sunday. The noodle place is called Lan Zhou La Mian.

Tina was practically raving about it so I didn’t need much convincing. We walked our way to Masangkay, it’s this little China town in Sta. Cruz. Lan Zhou is a fairly small noodle house, with few chairs and tables, and an open kitchen secluded by glass walls.

lan-zhou-la-mian-coffeehan (1)

Each table is equipped with spices.

lan-zhou-la-mian-coffeehan (4)

Despite being small, the place is always brimming with customers. We were lucky that we got there just before the crowd thickened. I noticed that most of the people too were Chinese families. I told my friend that I am so happy she looks Chinese, so we didn’t look like we were out of place, hahaha…

There are different lamien (that’s how it was spelled in their menu, with “e” instead of “a”) flavors to choose from like seafood, pork, chicken, etc. I asked Tina which is the best tasting one, she said it’s Spare Ribs Lamien. So that’s what we had. I think we waited for like 5 minutes before we were served. I was surprised when I saw how big and deep the bowl was, and the serving if my estimation is right, is good for three people. It costs PHP 120.

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It has a generous serving of noodles and pieces of spare ribs. The noodles alone were flavorsome, tender, and thick. No wonder my friend loves it.

Tina also ordered a plate of Steamed Dumplings. It’s PHP150 for 15 pieces. It’s pork dumplings with chives, with a wrapper that is moist, glossy, and soft. So different from steamed dumplings that I’ve had before, this is definitely much more scrumptious.

lan-zhou-la-mian-coffeehan (3)

You should know by now I am planning to come back soon. I swear to you it’s great. I am not exactly a fan of authentic Chinese cuisine (I mentioned this several times in the past) but this one won my approval. Once you get to try it, I’m sure you will agree.



Lan Zhou La Mian
1354 Masangkay St.
Sta. Cruz, Manila
(02) 559-9466


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  1. Male_istayl

    may chicken feet dito? anu pang nasa menu? =)

  2. Marge G
    Marge G

    I will try that next time 😉

  3. Marge G
    Marge G

    o sis welcome to my blog! lol.


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