Have you ever eaten so much, you thought you were going to die? That’s what happened to me when my friend, Bethel, treated me to dinner last time we met. It was actually his birthday present to me when he failed to buy me a gift even after spending two hours roaming Lucky Chinatown Mall. There were three of us, me, Bethel, and Dan. They asked me where I wanted to eat, I told them I was craving for bulalo so we picked a Filipino restaurant. That’s how we found ourselves at Kuse. Now on why Bethel ordered a set meal that is good for 10 people is beyond me. What did we have?


kuse-coffeehan (1)


First, the Bulalo.




Then Ensaladang Talong, which, by the way, is surprisingly good.




And then this Kare-Kare, which we barely touched for reasons unknown.




Just when I thought we were okay, we were served with this Chicken Inasal (Bethel loved the gravy).




Then the waiter returned, this time with a plate of Crispy Pasta. I was like, WTF? What is this, the last supper?! But the crispy pata is good, the meat was tender, I loved that it didn’t take much effort to slice through a piece. The green mango with tomatoes was also a nice touch.




Then we had Pancit Canton, yes… seriously.




Wait, there’s more! We also had Pinakbet.




Soon our table looked like this…


kuse-coffeehan (2)


If you are in a big group or a Survivor contestant who has just left the island, or about to be executed, the set meal of Kuse is for you. You get to taste different foods and spend only 1 or 2 thousand pesos. I didn’t get to eat everything in one sitting, but I sure loved the fact that we had take-home food that lasted for days. I was beyond stuffed. Really, what the hell did I get myself into? But it ain’t over yet, we still had room for desserts.




And that’s how you eat, Bethel and Dan style.


3/F Lucky Chinatown Mall,
Reina Regente St.
Binondo, Manila
Telephone no.: (02) 708-9576


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  1. Joy

    Hi hi. Dont worry. You are stil slank and beautiful:)


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