Keto Filipino – The Answer To Keto Dieters’ Sweet And Bread Cravings

A friend asked me a month ago whether my summer body is ready. I said that summer is ready, not my body. Frustrated, I decided to take a 30-day keto diet challenge. As I write this I am on my 17th day, but let’s save the details for later; I will post a story when the challenge is over. For now, let’s talk about one of the things that I found while doing this diet, the one that helped me get through my cravings for bread and pastries, Keto Filipino.

What is Keto Filipino?

Keto Filipino is a keto friendly bread and pastry shop that sells online. It started in December 2017 and it is named as such because the company aims to offer keto options to Filipinos. The person behind this is Kay Guevarra, who herself started her keto journey in October 2017.

She said that she tried all kinds of diets from vegetarian to juicing until she discovered keto.

“I really loved it because I saw the result in as fast as 1 week. This is not just losing weight but suddenly, I have more energy.” —

Kay Guevarra

Any diet is difficult, but keto takes it to a whole new level by taking out sugar and carbs. We, Filipinos have a great liking to sugary treats, plus rice is a staple, we eat it at breakfast, snacks, and dinner. So to say that this diet is challenging is an understatement. I happen to have a sweet tooth and I like bread and pastry a damn lot. Kay also shares the same sentiment.

“It is the hardest when I am at work and cannot find anything on the supermarket to snack on that’s low-carb except for peanuts. I’m a bread lover and skipping rice was not an issue, it’s mostly bread.”

— Kay Guevarra

So what’s a girl to do when she couldn’t find what she’s craving for? She gets creative that’s what. Kay started experimenting on keto recipes particularly bread, cookies, and crackers. One day, she posted the fruit of her labor on Keto Living PH to share her excitement with fellow keto dieters. What she didn’t expect is that she would receive a lot of comments asking her where they could buy her products.

Thus the birth of Keto Filipino. Kay turned her hobby into a thriving business. Eventually, she left her corporate job to focus on building her biz.

With hard work and passion, her business started to grow. Keto Filipino is now selling other products, such as muffins, cupcakes, and loaf bread. It started as an online shop but now they have a store pick-up we just moved last week at Greenhills Towncenter Granada St. Valencia Quezon City. To make sure you will find the products that you like when you visit their store, place an order via Instagram or their Facebook page as they have limited items available for walk-ins.

What are the must-try Keto Filipino products?

I discovered Keto Filipino by the recommendation of my colleague, Michel. She personally knew the owner and she is supportive of my keto diet endeavors. Knowing that I’d been missing bread and pastry, she told me to try Keto Filipino. It is a bit on a pricey side and I am a bit frugal, but I was on my 8th day of keto, I wanted to eat something other than chicken.

I went to their Facebook page and placed my order. The first time I ordered, I got cheese loaf and cupcakes sampler. You have to pre-order and they only deliver every Wednesday.

Cupcake Sampler

As soon as I got home, I wasted no time eating the cupcakes. If you can’t decide on a flavor, try the sampler, it has 6 cupcakes and you can pick two flavors for P400. I had matcha and ensaimada. The ensaimada is topped with a generous amount of grated cheese, the first bite was bliss.

The cake is not as soft as the regular cupcakes; the texture and consistency reminiscent of the Filipino coconut macaroons but not as crumbly. It is not sweet, but after days of not eating sugar and carb-filled food, this cupcake was enough to pacify my cravings. The matcha flavor is also nice though I prefer the ensaimada better.

Macros: EnsaimadaMacros: Matcha
Calories – 165
Protein – 4g
Net carbs – 2g
Fat – 14g
Calories – 164
Protein – 3g
Net carbs – 2g
Fat – 14g
Sugar – 0.05

Cheese Loaf

The cheese loaf I speculate, will not appeal to the sweet tooth simply because it has no hint of sweetness whatsoever. I find that it goes well with peanut butter, but if you’re doing keto, make sure the spread is also unsweetened.

Macros per slice:
Calories – 124
Protein – 3g
Net carbs – 2g
Fat – 11g

Flaxseed Loaf

If I would suggest which loaf to buy, this would be my recommendation. It is moist with a texture that is a bit like wheat loaf. It also smells good, like the scent of bread fresh off the oven. Moreover, flaxseed has many health benefits; it is loaded with nutrients, high in omega-3 fats, rich in dietary fiber, may lower blood pressure, etc.


Toast it, slather on some butter or peanut butter, then enjoy! Flaxseed loaf is at P360.

Macros per slice:
Calories – 154
Protein – 3g
Net carbs – 2g
Fat – 12g
Sugar – 0g


Their latest product is pandesal, yeah I know, very Filipino! I don’t know what magic Kay is whipping in the kitchen but she sure has a knack for making some of our beloved products into keto friendly version. The pandesal is incredibly soft and unlike some pandesal that hardens come afternoon, Keto Filipino’s stayed soft the day after.

Macros per piece:
Calories – 50
Protein – 5g
Net carbs – 4g
Fat – 1g
Sugar – 0g

Chocolate Obsession Cake

Reserving the best for last, chocolate obsession cake tops the list of my most recommended Keto Filipino products. It’s Keto Filipino’s take on the very popular dream cakes. The cake is such a surprise, I was honestly expecting that it wouldn’t be sweet given the fact that the rest of the products that I tried were not. But oh boy, this one blew me away. I had been sharing the keto food that I was ordering to my colleagues and they weren’t so keen on them. But this one was an exception. They loved it as much as I did.

It is smooth, creamy, and tasted almost like the chocolate dream cakes that I had in the past. I said almost because this may be sweet but not as much as the dream cakes. It feels so good to eat something minus the guilt. I am keeping half the can all to myself, no more sharing ha ha…

The cost of Chocolate Obsession Cake is P700, served in a 6-inch tin can. It can last from 5 to 7 days, so long as you keep it in the fridge.

Macros per slice:
Calories – 268
Protein – 4g
Net carbs – 3.4g
Fat – 26g
Fiber – 1.3
Sugar – 1g

Is Keto Filipino worth trying?

Absolutely! I am not discussing it in full right now but keto diet is one of the hardest diets there is, more so for Filipinos whose motto is “rice is life.” And when it gets extra hard, it is good to know that there are people and businesses out there who exist to make things easy for you.

Keto Filipino for me is more than a business, it is also a means to introduce people to the health benefits of a keto lifestyle. And through their bread and pastry, they minimized the woes that many keto dieters face, which is having that sense of deprivation for sugar and carbs.

On whether I will continue keto or not after the 30-day challenge, I am not yet sure. What I am sure of though is that while I am on this diet, I will rely on Keto Filipino for my bread and pastry cravings.

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