There was this one time when I noticed that the cab driver wasn’t speaking to me in Tagalog. I thought to myself, “An english-speaking cab driver, sosyal!”. Eventually, we reached my destination and when I said, “Mama, bayad po,” a look of surprise registered on his face, then he said, “Nagtatagalog kayo ma’am? Akala ko Koreana kayo eh.”

Well, he wasn’t the only one who mistook me for a Korean despite not having that white alabaster skin that Korean women are known for. I choose to take it as a compliment because first, I love Korean dramas, second, I love Korean food. Speaking of their food, I believe my interest is turning into a fixation. In fact, last Sunday, I found another Korean resto to try and it’s called, “Kaya”.

As soon as you enter in this resto, you will be greeted “Annyeonghaseyo” (hello) by Kaya’s staff. Personally, I find it endearing. The place is bright and spacious and the interior design is simple.




Thank god for the Jeonju experience, I’m no longer completely clueless about Korean food. So when I perused the menu, I knew what I wanted to eat.

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First, the Beef Bulgogi (PHP210). Have you ever had sweet beef tapa? That’s basically how bulgogi tastes like, only this one is softer and more juicy.




Dak Bulgogi (PHP210) is grilled spicy chicken fillet. Just like beef, dak bulgogi is sweet and luscious. Between the two, though, I found myself favoring the chicken version because it has a more defined taste. Also, the meat was so tender I was able to skew it easily with the chopstick.




This order came with the following side dishes: Kongnamul Muchim (bean sprout salad),


kaya-kongnamul- muchim-coffeehan


the one that didn’t get much attention, Musaengchae (spicy radish salad),




and my favorite, Neulgeun Oi Muchim (update: To the reader who offered its name in the comment section below, thank you!).


kaya-neulgeun-oi- muchim-coffeehan


Kimchi (PHP35) was not included in the complimentary side dishes so I ordered one. It remains as my most favorite Korean side dish. It’s spicy, a bit sour, it’s the perfect partner for the ramyun.




Kaya’s Ramyun (PHP180) or the Korean ramen, compared with the one that I tried in Jeonju, leaves much to be desired. Maybe it had to do with the fact that it wasn’t spicy so I found it a bit bland.




All in all, the Kaya experience was satisfactory. Kaya did well when it comes to the taste of the food, I just wish it wasn’t that expensive and that they have more complimentary side dishes. I came there feeling like I could eat a horse and left feeling like I am the horse. I think I’m convinced that you can never go wrong when it comes to Korean food.

What about you guys, do you like Korean cuisine? Which of their food is your favorite?


2/F Glorietta 2, Ayala Center,
Glorietta Complex, Makati
Telephone no.: (02) 625-3718


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Comments (12)

  1. Marjorie G
    Marjorie G

    Tsaka na siguro pag marunong na ko mag-korean hehe….

  2. akoysi MEcoy
    akoysi MEcoy

    haha natawa naman ako sa encounter mo kay manong driver hehehe
    well pwede nag naman kasi maging kurekorean ee
    natakam naman ako bigla

  3. ZaiZai

    Dahil sa mga ganito mong post Marge ay lagi na akong may stock ng kimchi sa refe hehe 🙂

  4. Jei Son
    Jei Son

    nice food. ikaw na pinagkamalang koreana. 🙂

  5. Marjorie G
    Marjorie G

    That's what I want to try next time.

  6. swj

    Thank you for your interest in Korean food.
    The name of the side dish is ” neulgeun Oi muchim “. ” Neulgeun Oi ” is a yellowish overripe cucumber,
    and we also call it ” nogak “.

  7. michymichymoo

    I love Korean food! I like it when the meats are grilled on the table. hehehe

  8. Marjorie G
    Marjorie G

    They gave you water with ice kaya when you requested it. Diva teh?

  9. Senyor Iskwater
    Senyor Iskwater

    Accommodating staff? They gave me water w/o ice… argh!


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