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Word of advice: thou shall not go on a food trip or try a new food establishment with a full stomach. It was the main issue that prevented me from enjoying Kangaroo Jack in SM Manila. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to give you a fair review because when I’m stuffed my sense of taste is automatically reduced. But oh well, let’s do this anyway. I’m not sure if Kangaroon Jack is Australian or Filipino owned, but the theme of the resto is obviously of the former; the boomerangs and the kangaroo most commonly seen in the Land Down Under are on display in this resto.

KJ’s specialty is steak and food served on sizzling plates. I am fan of sizzling food, just because they are fun to eat. By the way, I shared this KJ adventure with my friends, Ana and Christine.

kangaroo jack sm san lazaro

kangaroo jack

Ana ordered Bangus Pobre (PHP 150), served on a sizzling plate. Since the fish was breaded, Ana thought she was served the wrong food. The bangus is not boneless by the way so eating it was a bit of a challenge.

kangaroo jack bangus pobre

Christine had Beef Morcon (PHP 180). It was tasty, a bit sour but at least the beef was tender enough.

kangaroo jack beef morcon

I am a fan of dory fish, and I mean the edible fish not the Finding Nemo character, which by the way, is a blue tang. Dory is one of those fish that is easy to eat. I love that it is dainty, goes well with butter and lemon, and doesn’t require you to spend a great amount of time trying to pick those fish bones. So when I saw that they have Cream Dory (PHP 140) on the menu, I didn’t think twice and ordered it right away.

kangaroo jack cream dory

Unfortunately, I didn’t find the dish satisfying because it was too damn oily and salty. The only thing that helped me get through it at all is that piece of corn on the side. It served as a pantanggal umay, in Filipino it means any food that you take in between, just to wash down the unpleasant taste of whatever it is that you are eating.

Since KJ is a steak house, Ana and Christine decided to order a steak dish that we could all share. So we picked a sizzling plate of Sirloin Steak (PHP 185). I didn’t get to eat much of it because my loaded tummy could take no more.

kangaroo jack sirloin steak

As you may have noticed, every dish comes with a piece of corn, some veggies, and yellow-colored rice. The rice,by the way, is a generous serving, a big yay for the rice lovers.

Kangaroo Jack has other branches in Araneta Center Cubao, Robinson’s Place Manila, and SM City North Edsa. I think I need to come back and next time I’ll make sure I’ll go with an empty stomach.


Kangaroo Jack
Unit 30 LGF SM City Manila
Concepcion Cor. Arroceros & San Marcelino Sts
Ermita, Manila
Business Hours: Monday – Sunday 10AM – 9PM


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Comments (12)

  1. pinkline

    di ko pa nata-try kumain sa KJ..pero dahil nakita ko to sa post mo i might suggest it when someone ask me where to eat hehe..gusto ko yung beef morcon and sirloin..

    and by the way i love dory too both the edible and the finding nemo character 😉

  2. Marge G
    Marge G

    Extra challenge talaga, medyo disappointing. Buti na lang hindi ako ang umorder nun hehe…

  3. Marge G
    Marge G

    Hahaha… maliit lang naman yung corn, hindi mahirap kainin.

  4. Marge G
    Marge G

    Yummy nga sa tingin ko, I need to go back para malasahan ko na talaga ng bongga, lol.

  5. Marge G
    Marge G

    True mommy Joy 🙂

  6. joanne del rosario
    joanne del rosario

    Mahilig ako sa mga sizzling din, pero I hate it pag nauusukan ako, haha. I love cream dory, isa sa favorite kong fish kasi hindi ko kailangang mag-effort para kainin. Pero pinaka-bet kong i-try ang sirloin steak nila, hehe. Gusto ko rin yun idea na may corn pero sana shredded na, antamad lang talaga! Haha

  7. Janice Lunes
    Janice Lunes

    Great Post!

    OMG it's morning and I'm already hungry from looking at this 🙂 !!!

    Have a
    great weekend !


  8. Zaizai

    First time I saw dory on the grocery, I immediately imagined Dory. I felt bad imagining eating her, she's so funny. Anyways, yes dory is so easy to cook and eat. Too bad it wasn't cooked ok when you had it at KJ. Weird na hindi boneless yung bangus, to think they breaded it. Parang extra challeng sa pagkain 🙂

  9. joysnotepad.blogspot.com

    Nice ebonding time with friends!

  10. christian edward paul dee
    christian edward paul dee

    mukhang mag-eenjoy ako sa KJ… yummy ng mga food…

  11. Marge G
    Marge G

    Hahaha… I knew that somebody would think of that forgetful fish!

  12. Sherene

    HAvent tried dory fish yet, i wonder how it taste like. I can only imagine dory the one with amnesia on the movie nemo lol.
    Like the bagus sissling yumm.


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