What happens when you go around the neighborhood trying to find a new place to move in and fail? In my case, I found a new place to eat. This is how I discovered Jopoy, a diminutive restaurant with quirky interiors that reminds me a lot of my former favorite coffee shop.

The place seems to be an extension of a house, turned into a food establishment. What really caught my interest is the unconventional displays and a disregard for a theme. It’s kind of like entering an art exhibit.Β It has no signage outside so I only learned of the place’s name via the menu that is scribbled on the mirror.

jopoy-coffeehan (11)

jopoy-coffeehan (8)

jopoy-coffeehan (6)

jopoy-coffeehan (4)

jopoy-coffeehan (3)

jopoy-coffeehan (2)

jopoy-coffeehan (1)

I have a thing about the ambiance that when it’s able to impress me I set high expectations on the food. Unfortunately, food on this place leaves much to be desired. I can forgive the presentation, but I hope they’d do something about the taste. This ham and cheese omelette, for example, tasted like something that could have done by a person who could only provide a short time to prepare food. I mean come on, I’ve eaten better omelette that was cooked at home.

jopoy-coffeehan (10)

The spaghetti meat sauce was also so-so. It wouldn’t hold a candle to a fast food version.

jopoy-coffeehan (9)

Since I’ve eaten in many places already, I know that it’s not always the price that determines the quality of the food. So I hope that the people who run the place may give this some thought. It has a potential, but it wouldn’t hurt if they put more effort into making their food more delicious.

But because the food is not that expensive and I only got to try two off their menu, plus the fact that I like what they did with the interiors, I am not discouraging everyone to try Jopoy.


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  1. I love the interiors, so kitschy cool πŸ™‚ I hope they come upon your post Marge, so they'll know they need to improve on their dishes. If all else fails, they could just turn Jopoy to an art gallery πŸ™‚

  2. Ang ganda ng setup ha and I liked your picture on the mirror. However though the food kahit di mo sabihin looks plain ordinary sa picture. The food should at least match the beauty of the place. But really, the place looks small but very classic. Loving it.

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