Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza

I am a fan of impromptu rendezvous simply because it happens, unlike the planned affairs that most of my friends like to fuck up with their inexcusable excuses. Yesterday, I wasn’t really planning to go out and try this pizza place along Salcedo but that’s exactly what happened when I asked some of my friends, Ni, Rhoda, and Alchris to have an afternoon break with me. This is how I discovered, Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza.


ginos-brick-oven-pizza-coffeehan (9)

At first we were reluctant to go because the place looks expensive. You gotta understand, we just look like we’re rich people but really, we’re not (hehehe…). But curiosity got the better of us and so we went in, deciding that if ever we couldn’t pay for it, we will send Alchris to the kitchen to do the dishes (joke!).

If I am going to compare it with the other pizza places that I’ve been to, Gino’s wins first prize for best interior. Let’s take a tour, shall we?

ginos-brick-oven-pizza-coffeehan (1)

ginos-brick-oven-pizza-coffeehan (3)

ginos-brick-oven-pizza-coffeehan (5)

Even the bathroom looks good, it’s clean and it even smells nice.

ginos-brick-oven-pizza-coffeehan (4)

I was mighty impressed by the interiors which hiked up my expectations about the food. Since none of us have been there before, we asked the staff for their bestseller when we placed our order. Based from the staff’s recommendation, we picked Panna Sausage (PHP 290) for our pizza. It’s a thin-crust pizza with tomato sauce, homemade sausage, cream, and parmigiano reggiano cheese. When the waitress told us that it was only good for two, we didn’t believe her. Turns out she was telling the truth because even when the pizza was 12 inches and that we each had two slices of it, it wasn’t enough.

ginos-brick-oven-pizza-coffeehan (7)

Ni and Rhoda loved this pizza, I, on the other hand, was half-hearted about it. Though it was good, I was a little uncomfortable with the biting saltiness of the cheese and the strong sour taste of the sauce. I was also a little distracted by the burnt taste of the crust.

The Margherita (PHP 250) pizza is more delicious for me.

ginos-brick-oven-pizza-coffeehan (11)

We decided to be a little adventurous when we selected the pasta and ordered the Salted Egg Pasta (PHP 180); it’s fettuccine with bacon, salted egg, cream, and parmesan cheese. This is the first time ever that I’ve heard of a pasta with itlog na maalat and I was quite surprised to learn that it actually works. The pasta was creamy, with an acute salted egg flavor. My companions liked it quite a lot that the plate was already empty by the time I remembered to get a second serving.

ginos-brick-oven-pizza-coffeehan (8)

But if you prefer pasta with red sauce then try the Tomato Basil (PHP 190).

ginos-brick-oven-pizza-coffeehan (10)

I wanted to try their coffee so I ordered a cup of Latte (PHP 100) and what do you know, it was really good! Like the ones you could get from actual coffee shops.

ginos-brick-oven-pizza-coffeehan (6)

Needless to say, it was one satisfying merienda. Nowadays I don’t get to spend much with these friends of mine and so it felt good that they indulged me in this little request to share some afternoon snacks. That’s why I love unplanned engagements. They almost always lead to beautiful things.


Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza
G/F Finman Ctr , 117 Tordesillas St., corner Bautista St.
Salcedo Village, Makati
Mobile no.: (63) 917-9645339

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Comments (15)

  1. Marjorie G
    Marjorie G

    Go ahead girl, I'm sure you'll love it 🙂

  2. Marjorie G
    Marjorie G

    I didn't even photoshop these photos so your eyes were lying to you! Haha…

  3. Marjorie G
    Marjorie G

    Try mo din to, I promise you it's worth your penny naman 🙂

  4. Marjorie G
    Marjorie G

    Oh yeah we're going back this Wednesday!

  5. Marjorie G
    Marjorie G

    A salted pizza? Now that's intriguing too.

  6. Marjorie G
    Marjorie G

    Now that you mentioned it, you are right, it does look more like a coffee shop.

  7. Arni @ Travel Gourmande
    Arni @ Travel Gourmande

    Love the warm interior. The salted egg pasta looks intriguing. I tried a salted egg pizza once and it was good.

  8. rhoda

    one of the freshest pizzas i've ever tasted, parang ayaw ko na ng ibang pizza. haha. i liked how the acidity of the sauce pierces through the sharp flavor of the parmigiano and how the crust was chewy even if it was very thin. di ko na napansin yung burned crust, sanay na ata ako sa bitter flavor (parang yung timpla ko lang ng kape hehe). and the salted egg was a pleasant surprise too! i also suspect that the pasta noodles are freshly made. i'm glad they opened a branch near the office. balik tayo dun 😀

  9. Edgar Portalan
    Edgar Portalan

    ha ha di ako maka-relate … pang Greenwich at Shakeys lang ang budget ko 'pag may pera at 'pag wala yung sa pizza counter lang sa tabi tabi like Perfect Match and Fiesta Pizza ha ha ha : )

  10. Alchris Mendoza
    Alchris Mendoza

    Your camera lens captured just too much grandeur, I think. Now that I see these photos I can't help but compare the actual place, and think that the interior looks better here. Or maybe my eyes were lying to me. The pizza, I hadn’t noticed the saltiness and strong tartness. But yes, the taste of the burned crust was apparent. Distracting even. I liked the pasta, perhaps minus the hint of salted egg in it. But I wouldn’t turn up a nose on anything edible.

  11. michymichymoo

    Curious about this place for quite a long time. I wanna try!!! 🙂

  12. Too Young To Feel This Old
    Too Young To Feel This Old

    I agree with the interior, typical modern joint. Exempting the plants on the bucket, maybe the plants were still not full bloom, it's interesting. Feels more coffeeshoppy than a pizza place.


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