Genji M Makati

When I arrived there’s a long queue outside Genji M., the way people line up to get to a posh club, or to see a film in a theater, or to wait for their turn in a public restroom. I thought there was a blogger event, I was after all, had been invited by my blogger friend. Turns out those people were there to avail of the 150-peso buffet promo. After realizing this I went inside, looked for our contact person, and then I was ushered to one of the private rooms.

Food selection is of course limited with the 150-peso deal but it was okay. If you are a big eater though this may not be for you, unless, you know how to wrestle your way among the throng of hungry people. I tell you it was like a battlefield, people pushing each other to get to the food, Hunger Games style.

genji-m-makati-coffeehan (1)

genji-m-makati-coffeehan (2)

genji-m-makati-coffeehan (3)

genji-m-makati-coffeehan (4)

genji-m-makati-coffeehan (5)

They threw in some Japanese and Korean food in there, but I noticed that there’s more of the latter than Japanese. The food was okay, I did the mussels with mayo dressing, those meat dishes, and, of course the sushi. The highlight of this buffet thing though for me is the popcorn. Yes, you read that right, the popcorn. They have a little popcorn machine and I think I went just a wee bit crazy making my own popcorn. Promo is over though so, sorry folks.


Genji M
Kalayaan Corner Makati Avenue,
Poblacion, Makati




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