Marikina’s Best Smokehouse Comes To BGC

My friend and I went inside a restaurant called Fat and I was wondering what happens with Daddy’s. The question was answered when the female crew told us that we went to the wrong Fat; theirs is called just Fat, the one we were looking for, Fat Daddy’s is on the other side of the street.

Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse (FDS) was first established in Marikina by the Verzosa siblings. As the name implies, this resto offers home-cooked meals prepared through smoking. Smoking meat is big in the Southern part of USA where the siblings traveled and took inspiration from.

FDS just opened their latest branch at Burgos Circle, BGC where I and some of my blogger friends were invited to lunch by one of its owners, Josh Versoza. Downstairs you can find the bar, and a few table and chairs. The main dining is on the second floor. If you’ve been reading me a lot you should know already that I am a fan of industrialize theme so I was easily impressed by FDS’s interiors. Aside from the cool lighting fixture, I was struck by the vintage objects that are on display on the side wall by the stairs. If that ain’t cool enough, the wall on the dining area is covered by doodles, which according to Josh was made by different artists.  

fat-daddys-coffeehan (19)

fat-daddys-coffeehan (10)

fat-daddys-coffeehan (1)

By the name of the resto itself, you can expect to eat foods that are so delicious your doctor would advise against it. But I assure you that they are worth it.


First on the table was the Hot Pork Poppers (PHP 175 – USD 3.72); thin slices of rub dusted pork belly that was deep fried and served with piedmont sauce. In Tagalog, chicharon, lol. All of us went at it like there’s no tomorrow that Joshua asked his staff to serve us more of it. It’s good with or without the sauce; crunchy and thin and comes in bite-size pieces.

fat-daddys-coffeehan (18)

I mistook it for dynamite lumpia or the finger chili peppers with cheese or meat stuffing. Turns out, it’s actually pickles. Crispy Fried Pickles (PHP 165 – USD 3.50) is the only thing I was expecting to not like among all the food that we were served, just because I don’t like pickles. But I’m a try-anything-kind-of-gal so I still went for it and I’m happy that I did because it was delicious. I didn’t see that one coming.

fat-daddys-coffeehan (9)

My favorite starter out of all is the Buttermilk Fried Livers (PHP 185 – USD 3.93). It’s prepared the same way as the Hot Pork Poppers only this time instead of pork they used chicken liver marinated in buttermilk. There was not a trace of bitter taste that is usually present in liver, I loved it.

fat-daddys-coffeehan (8)

Soup and Salad

We were able to try the Wild Mushroom Soup (PHP 200 – USD 4.25). I only had a few sips because there’s something about the taste that was not that pleasing for me, but my companions loved it so I guess it depends on your taste.

fat-daddys-coffeehan (15)

Two kinds of salads were served, the “healthy” one, Goat’s Cheese and Apple Salad (PHP 350 – USD 7.43) and the “not-so-healthy” one, Smoked Mushroom and Bacon Salad (same price).

fat-daddys-coffeehan (6)

fat-daddys-coffeehan (14)

Why did I call them as such? Well it’s already in the name, the former is just veggies and fruits, the latter has bacon and chicharon. It’s like when you’re on a diet but you really love bacon haha…


I asked for a cup of brewed coffee so I won’t fall asleep in the middle of all that eating. The coffee was poured over a black mug and was served with a shot of milk. It was strong so I had to add more milk than I should.

fat-daddys-coffeehan (17)

We were able to try two of their milkshake flavors that are of unique flavors. First, and the one that I finished all to myself because it’s irresistibly good, is the Caramel Popcorn Milkshake (PHP 150 – USD 3.15). True to its name, it was served with a mountain of popcorn on top of the whip cream.

fat-daddys-coffeehan (7)

But the real winner is the Smokey Maple Bacon Milkshake (same price as the popcorn), not only for being weird… I mean unique, but more so because of its taste. I was skeptical and at the same time, quite curious when I saw it on the menu. I mean why would you put bacon on a milkshake?! Who in their right mind would do that? But once again, I’ve been reminded that sometimes, crazy means genius. I swear, bacon on a milkshake works. It’s kind of like the effect that salt does with caramel (salted caramel), the vanilla ice cream and the bacon worked well together and made one hell of a milkshake.

fat-daddys-coffeehan (16)

Barbecue and Smoker

Now onto the main event or the reason this restaurant exists; the barbecue and smoker. Then came a metal tray of assorted meat that would make the day of any true blue meat lovers. If you are a group, it’s best if you order the Smoked Meat Platter so you could sample their different kinds of meat offerings.

fat-daddys-coffeehan (13)

I’m not quite familiar with the entire procedure of smoking meat but based on this, I think they’re onto something. The slow-cooking and smoked method tenderize the meat and made it all the  more palatable.

Meats, Poultries, and Seafood

Mashed potato lovers would be pleased to find The Hot Mess (PHP 360 – USD 7.66). There is as much cheese as there is potato so it’s quite heavy in the tummy. I’m not a fan of mashed potato so I just had a spoonful just to try it then I let the others take care of it.

fat-daddys-coffeehan (5)


Aside from the milkshake, the thing that made me so happy about this food trip is the Bacon and ‘Smores Dip (PHP 300 – USD 6.38). It is perfection. Underneath the mallows is a gooey mess of chocolatey dream that would have you begging for more. And yeah, it also has strips of bacon.

fat-daddys-coffeehan (2)


This food trip completely changed my opinion of bacon, apparently, it can be put anywhere and it would taste awesome. If you’re a bacon lover, you would love this place. It’s safe to say that you would be gaining weight after eating at Fat Daddy’s but it’s a small price to pay for food this amazing.


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Comments (16)

  1. Ferna

    a foodie like me wants to try this one especially that buttermilk fried liver which is new to my ears. the photos are so enticing that I want to grab all of them now. Great post Marge.

  2. Johna

    What a cute place! Those salads look amazing and those milkshakes, wowwww. Craving for some right now 😀 Looks like I’ll be adding this place to my list of places to eat!

  3. Ella Ivoire
    Ella Ivoire

    “It’s like when you’re on a diet but you really love bacon” that cracked me up. Ahahah 🙂
    The dishes look amazing, and the restaurant looks cosy and casual. I love that.

  4. Jakey @ Tarot and Coffee
    Jakey @ Tarot and Coffee

    You really made all of these food tremendously enticing with these pictures. Well done! And of course, everything can be answerable by bacon. 😀 Look at all those smoked meat. I’m also a sucker for these.

    Btw, I think we’ve met before. I already read tarot for you sometime last year, if you remember. 😉

  5. Christina

    This sounds like my type of restaurant! I would go to Marikina just to eat here. I am very intrigued by the buttermilk liver. I would definitely like to try it. Of course, I would end with the bacon and ‘smores dip 🙂

  6. Darlene

    Bacoooonnnn!!! mygoshhh food porn. Haha. I think I’ll have to sample their food one bacon at a time or it will be too bad for my health. Lmao! The owner i’d say is crazy genius for coming up with the bacon-ful menu.

  7. Nya

    Oh my! I love milkshakes and sweet stuff, so I am bit skeptical with the bacon (well, in any case I am vegetarian, so I’d have to pass haha).But I’d definitely pick the popcorn one. You took some really good pictures, glad you enjoyed your meal:)

  8. Zwitsy

    Those featured foods, they make my dawn crave for it. I have seen somewhere online that kind of idea – milkshake topped with bacon! That made me wonder too if how does it taste but I won’t judge until I am able to taste it. Good post, though! This is a must visit place indeed particularly for those who are looking for something unique touch of dish.

  9. Arni

    Omg, bacon and smores. Perfect comfy food combo. I find smokers to be a fascinating machine. I will definitely visit this place for the smoked meat platter and maybe treat myself to the hot mess.

  10. Rowena C
    Rowena C

    Oh fat daddy’s would surely make me fat! food looks YUMMY! and the ambiance is relaxing. Perfect for catching up with friends and a bit of meeting with clients. Will go here soon 🙂

  11. Me-An Clemente
    Me-An Clemente

    I honestly won’t eat any of the starters. I’ll try it perhaps but I won’t like it. I do think my co-blogger who is the foodie between us will love those. The rest of the food piqued my interest especially their use of bacon even for a dessert. I’ll convince my partner to bring me here 🙂

  12. Fenrile

    I love smokehouse and the type of food. This place looks beautiful and I’d love to eat there. I really like the decoration. The meals look delicious and the pictures are great. I don’t like very much watching pictures of food, and when you see bad pictures on a menu of a restaurant it doesn’t even make you want to try. But there I really wanna taste all this!

  13. Dominic Barrios
    Dominic Barrios

    Wow, I’ve never heard of Fat Daddy’s yet and reading your post and seeing those photos made me want to visit it soon. Good thing they have a branch here in Marikina, as you said. So I hope I could check out the bacon and smores. Aside from the yummy looking food, I think the price are reasonable.

  14. Teresa Dumadag
    Teresa Dumadag

    Everything looks good! So tempting! One should be ready to indulge when visiting this resto. hahaha There’s a lot of food choices that are begging me to try them. 😉

  15. theresa

    That’s a lot of mouthwatering dishes. We recently concluded Pampanga Food Tour here and I missed attending the event because of my pregnancy. Seeing you have attended and blogged about Fat Daddy’s makes me missing this kind of event. Totally food adventure. I’m a sucker for new salad and seeing the one they have here, it’s not really that healthy salad but I think it’s worth a try! Kinda expensive though.


    Whew! Looks good, the food really does. I know their reputation, Fat Daddy’s food are masarap and well, maybe a little on the pricey side because it is at the BGC, but if I am there, I wouldn’t mind checking in once in a while 🙂

    I am so used to eating in Quezon City and while there are equally good restaurants in QC, one thing that cannot be matched is the place itself. Besides eating, the location matters especially if one is to go elsewhere like bars or stroll.


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