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Discover Flavors: McCormick launches Facebook App

This is so outdated and the McCormick people might have already taken me off their “bloggers-to-invite-on-future-events” list. My sincerest apologies! I just had to finish my Ilocos series. I’d been invited to attend the launching of the Facebook application of McCormick’s flavor headquarters on May 10, 2012 (yeah, that was three weeks ago), but I didn’t find the time to write about it until now. The event was held at the TopShelf, Fully Booked branch in Bonifacio Global City, hosted by Partricia Bermudez Hizon.

I went there with my friend, Ana (after I practically forced her into it hehe…). Good thing, Mr. JC Pullan, the contact person from McCormick didn’t mind that I had a plus one. The event was set at 3PM, but it didn’t start until around 4PM (yeah I know, Filipino time sucks). After registration, I was led to a table, which I shared with two other guests and my friend. The food was set in a buffet, there were video cameras set up to record the event, and there were long tables in the front part of the room with cooking utensils and ingredients.

discover-flavors mccormick- launches- facebook-app-coffeehan (2)

discover-flavors mccormick- launches- facebook-app-coffeehan (3)

The FB app is created for people who love to cook or maybe those who are aspiring to learn how to cook (like moi). I have yet to try the app but as explained by the representatives of McCormick, the app allows you to check out their recipes (appetizers, main courses, desserts, beverages), make and submit your own, learn about different kinds of spices, and communicate and share with other users. You may check out the link here. For those who are always on the go, don’t worry you can still access the app through their mobile site, mobile.mccormick.com.ph.

They prepared two contests for the guests, the first of which, I joined. I was even the first one who got called (through a raffle), oh the horror! I competed with three other bloggers in this game where we were served four different dishes. We were each given a bell. All we needed to do was taste the food and guess the main spice used for it. Needless to say, I was horrified. You see, I don’t cook, so I am not knowledgeable with ingredients or spices used for cooking. So I knew before the game started that this is one battle I would lose. And I was right. I didn’t even get to score a single point, ugh!

Win or lose, participants received goodies from McCormick. That made the effort (not to mention the humiliation I felt) worth it for me. Inside the bag were a cooking timer, Wilton baking cups, a small bottle of vanilla extract, Steakhouse seasoning grinder, garlic pepper seasoning grinder, peppercorn medley grinder, and a cooking plan notepad. Not bad huh?

The second contest involved four other bloggers. It was a cooking contest, thank god I wasn’t called on this one lest it’d be a disaster! Which tells me that maybe it’s about time that I get my ass on the kitchen and learn cooking once and for all.

discover-flavors mccormick- launches- facebook-app-coffeehan (12)

Anyway, while the four bloggers were cooking, we were all allowed to dig into the buffet. Ooh, this part is the best. Everything was delicious.

So I tried to put everything on my plate.

discover-flavors mccormick- launches- facebook-app-coffeehan (4)

Now here are the three dishes that the four bloggers came up with in the cooking contest. I forgot how they are called:

The dish that used the most number of McCormick spices.

discover-flavors mccormick- launches- facebook-app-coffeehan (8)

The unique dish.

discover-flavors mccormick- launches- facebook-app-coffeehan (9)

Best in presentation.

discover-flavors mccormick- launches- facebook-app-coffeehan (11)

Finally, the winning dish.

discover-flavors mccormick- launches- facebook-app-coffeehan (7)

By the way, I loved this Mexican coffee. It has chocolate, mint, and a dash of cinnamon. It was a bit spicy too, really nice.

discover-flavors mccormick- launches- facebook-app-coffeehan (5)

All participants took home some goodies. Inside the loot bag are the following: spices in sticks such as cinnamon, chili powder, white pepper ground, spanish paprika, turmeric groond, oregano ground, black pepper ground; recipe mix such as adobe pula (achuete), adobo express (chili and gata), adobo puti (peppercorn and bayleaf), and adobo classic; and soup-based mix such as sinigang with lemongrass, sinigang with rosemary and chili, and sinigang classic. I just love ’em! All the better to start developing my cooking skill with.

discover-flavors mccormick- launches- facebook-app-coffeehan (1)

I would like to thank McCormick Philippines for inviting me to the event. Again, sorry for the delay. To all people who love to cook, those who are aspiring to become good cooks, and other food lovers out there, go ahead and check out the flavors headquarters of McCormick.


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  1. Khalil

    Good thing you received 
    goodies from McCormick! 😀

  2. Krizzy_kalokangPinay

    Wow! Papa would have loved to be there! He loves to cook and he loves his spices. Everytime we go to the supermarket, he will have to stop by the spices shelves. He is experimenting at the mo of using very little or no salt and substituting this with different spices instead.

    Well done sis for giving it a go. And malay natin ma-inspire kang magluto and you discover a talent you never knew you had!=)

    I hope you get invited to more blogger events sis =)

  3. Marge G
    Marge G

    i hope so too sis hehehe… baka kasi madala ang mccormick sa akin, super delayed ba naman haha… actually sinubukan ko na magluto using their adobo sa puti mix. i'll post it here soon. 


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