A Comfortable Theater Experience at Commercenter Cinemas Alabang

When I went to Alabang for that blogger event that involved Butamaru and TUS’ Clay Pots and Skillets, I wondered how we would burn the hours between lunch and dinner. Somebody suggested that we try other restos in the area, an idea I immediately disliked because then I wouldn’t have enough space in my tummy for that highly anticipated dinner at TUS. Then somebody suggested that we watch a movie at the Commercenter. I thought, now we’re talking, what better way to kill the time with but to see a film.

We picked a comedy that starred Vince Vaugh and the much cuter of the Franco brothers, Dave Franco. But I’m not here to do a movie review. What I’d like to talk about is why I think, you should visit Commercenter.

Commercenter Alabang is a lifestyle center where people can enjoy food, shopping, movies, fitness and wellness, among others. You might be wondering what the hashtag JustUs is for. Well, let me explain. The people behind Commercenter have found a way to respond to our need for pleasure and entertainment, like watching a movie, meeting friends over coffee, and other things that we like to do in the mall. Oftentimes though, the malls are crowded, especially during summer. So Commercenter has taken care of that, by creating a place that is for #JustUs.

The Commercenter Cinemas seem to have been made with the comfort of the moviegoers in mind. Some have a 100-seating capacity, the others can take as much as 130 patrons. They can be rented for special screenings. The theaters are huge and spacious, but not so big that you’d feel like you’re watching a live concert instead of a movie. The cushioned seats are comfortable with enough leg room that you wouldn’t have to worry about the people I like to call, “the kickers,” or those moviegoers who, for some reason, hit the back of the chairs with their friggin’ feet. Best of all, food and drinks are allowed here, even if you didn’t buy them from their own snack bars.

The place is new, posh-looking, and free from the hustle and bustle of the city. We went there on a Saturday, which is one of the busiest days in the malls, but I’m amazed to find that though it wasn’t empty, it was most certainly, not crowded. I say Commercenter Alabang is worth that one hour or 45-minute drive from Manila. I don’t go the South that much but when I go back, visiting the Commercenter Alabang is definitely going to be a part of the itinerary. Because why not, when the place has been clearly made for #JustUs.

commercenter_coffeehan (4)

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TUS’ Clay Pots & Skillets
Butamaru Ramen

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  1. Rajiv Sankarapillai
    Rajiv Sankarapillai

    Wow, a cool post !
    Your blog is awesome and the pics are brilliant !
    All beautiful !
    Shared this post via Google plus and twitter.

  2. Zaizai

    Haha I’m one of “the kickers” Marge, only because I have long legs! I wish all cinema seats and spaces between them were like those in Commercenter 🙂

    • Marjorie

      Then you should try watching a movie at Commercenter sis. There’s enough leg room for you hahaha…

  3. Joy

    maybe i take a visit there when i am in phil:)

    • Marjorie

      Hope you do Mommy Joy 🙂


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