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The popularity of gelato, an Italian frozen treat, doubled following the release of the film, Eat Pray Love starring Julia Roberts. I’ve seen the movie, but it was the pasta, not the gelato that made a lasting impression on me. I just didn’t think there was anything special about it, believing that the only difference it has with ice cream is the price (gelato’s tag is not exactly encouraging). But as they say, don’t knock it til you try it. So that’s what I did. I convinced my officemates, Rhoda and Patti to join me on my first ever gelato experience at Cara Mia Gelateria.

Cara Mia, which means “my dear” in Italian, is owned by Amici Foodservice Ventures Inc. This explains why it shares the same unit with Amici, an Italian restaurant.

The moment we entered Cara Mia we knew we were in for a treat. The glass shelves offered an enticing view of gelatos of different colors and flavors. There were the regular gelatos, cakes, and the cake gelatos. There were so many flavors to choose from that we had a bit of a hard time deciding which to order. We spotted little plastic spoons on the side of the counter which could mean one thing: free taste! Unfortunately, you couldn’t try everything. Free taste is limited to two flavors… that’s alright I guess. Anyway, I tried the New York Cheesecake and the Sans Rival. Of the two I preferred the New York Cheesecake because it has a fuller flavor.

The gelatos were a visual feast. I was quite overwhelmed by all the flavors that they had on display. Some had fruit toppings, cookies, choco syrups, graham crackers, wafer sticks, chocolate strips and sprinkles, etc.

Patti ordered sans rival which goes for 70 pesos per scoop. It’s PHP 93.71 with service charge and vat. I’m not sure how much you have to add to have it on a sugar cone. Patti had hers in a cup.

cara-mia-gelateria-coffeehan (2)

I had decided prior to going there that I’m buying cake gelato. However, choosing which flavor was no easy task what with all the gelato cakes looking oh so lovely! It feels like they were all begging to be picked. What a torture!

cara-mia-gelateria-coffeehan (1)

After much deliberation, Choco Sans Rival won the battle. Original price is PHP 95 and it’s PHP 114.91 with vat and service charge. It was served in a trapezoid- shaped ceramic which I found really cute. As with the taste, it’s just like having a piece of heaven. Every spoonful was bursting with flavor, the kind that lingers and makes you beg for more.

cara-mia-gelateria-coffeehan (5)

Rhoda had Merry Berries (PHP 114.91), another gelato cake. The taste was a wicked combination of sweet and sour. Aesthetic wise it was a real winner, a fusion of purple, pink, white, and red colors. It has strawberry, blueberry, and white chocolate toppings.

cara-mia-gelateria-coffeehan (4)

They also have regular cakes which we didn’t try. Will do some other time (because definitely, there will be a next time!)

So there you go, my first ever (and you bet your A it won’t be the last) gelato experience.


Cara Mia Gelateria
Aya Triangle Gardens,
Ayala Ave., Bel-Air
Makati City
Telephone no.: (02) 621-6128
Business Hours: Monday – Sunday 10AM – 9PM


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Comments (8)

  1. Marjorie

    ^ that i will have to try. god i gotta get back there soon!

  2. [pinkc00kies]

    my friend's fave is the banana blast gelato cake! i love their gelato.

  3. Marjorie

    haha… sure kalokang pinay 🙂

  4. kalokang Pinay
    kalokang Pinay

    Wow! They all look amazing! Malamang kung ako rin, ill have a hard time choosing what to order. I bet the price was worth it. Baka kaylangan kitang kontratahin na ipasyal ako para magfood trip paguuwi kami, hehe =)

  5. Marjorie

    actually ako din ate beth, pagpasok pa lang namin gusto ko na tikman lahat. babalikan ko nga yan eh.

  6. Juls

    ako parang gusto ko lahat! hehe. mouthwatering nmn yan marj! haisst!

  7. Marjorie

    good choice. the choco sans rival is to die for 🙂

  8. Chew On This
    Chew On This

    I would like to try the choco sansrival… My love for sansrival started when we bought them from Burger Machine a long time ago 🙂 Everything looks good 🙂


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