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I have a friend from college who is a certified shiny happy person. This despite the fact she had a hard life, so dramatic it’d make for a good Maalala Mo Kaya material. Few weeks ago I met up with her, after five years of not seeing each other. We agreed to have dinner at Buffalo Wings and Things in Glorietta 5.

My friend, Mole, wasn’t hard to please. In fact, she wanted us to eat in a fast food resto. I told her that I practically live with fast food so that’s the last thing I wanted. So we picked BWT, because we happened to be in Glorietta 5 and it was the only thing that we found that looked affordable.
buffalo-wings-and-things-coffeehan (3)

They have a wall that shows the pictures of people who tried the hottest buffalo wings. I wonder if I should aim to have my mug shot up in there hehehe…

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As the name says, its specialty is buffalo wings so even though Mole originally wanted a sandwich, I made sure we’d have the wings. The waitress informed us of their promo that offers six pieces of Chicken Wings, three pieces of RibsΒ with rice. It was good, but more than the chicken wings, I loved the ribs because it was tender and sweet.

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It comes with a cup of rice garnished with chopped tomatoes, onions, and parsley. I have one word for the rice, “bitin.” It was one full cup, but I couldn’t get enough of it.

buffalo-wings-and-things-coffeehan (4)

For the dip, I picked Bleu Cheese. I was the only one who enjoyed it, Mole wasn’t into it.

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BWT is in the league of Army Navy when it comes to pricing, which means it is not too expensive, but not exactly budget-friendly.


Buffalo Wings and Things
2/F Glorietta 5, Ayala Center,
Glorietta Complex, Makati


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Comments (14)

  1. June | Life and Spices
    June | Life and Spices

    I love the name of the resto.

    I heard and tasted Buffalo wings before pero never had a good one na tipong mapapabalik balik ako.
    My teacher who happens to be a chef back in College did once told a story how it started.
    And the sotry telling was really good that I really would love to taste authentiv BW recipe.

  2. Alchris Mendoza
    Alchris Mendoza

    I've tried it here for lunch. Once. But never again. You're right about the food not being too expensive. Budget-friendly, not either. But the taste of the food, on a personal note, is not that great. And the rice I ordered didn't have a pleasant smell. That sticky feel of it bursting across my tongue had threathened the food I was eating to make a reappearance. Not a good experience for me.

  3. Marjorie G
    Marjorie G

    It's just her nickname actually. Febee ang name nya talaga, oh diba ang layo hahaha…

  4. ZaiZai

    Wow I wonder how hot the hottest wings are, that they actually have a wall of flame for those who had it. Baka maka butas dila! πŸ™‚

    Mole does look like Aiza πŸ™‚ Bakit pala Mole ang name nya? Usisera lang πŸ™‚

  5. Joy

    Very touching naman to bond with your friend again and enjoyed the meal. Have a nice weekend Marjorie:)

  6. Marjorie G
    Marjorie G

    Hope you get to try it too πŸ™‚

  7. Marjorie G
    Marjorie G

    Mahilig nga ko sa maanghang so baka nga kaya ko.

  8. Marjorie G
    Marjorie G

    Lemme know if you tried their hottest chicken

  9. Marjorie G
    Marjorie G

    Kasi the recipe originated in Buffalo, New York πŸ™‚

  10. Kamilkshake

    It's nice to try and experience new things.. pero ang buffalo wings, bakit kaya chicken? Bakit hindi buffalo? Tanong ko lang.

  11. michymichymoo

    They have a branch near the office but I haven't tried it. Maybe I will, soon! πŸ™‚

  12. Cyron Agustin
    Cyron Agustin

    kung may next time, tirahin mo na rin yung hottest wings nila. siguradong kaya mo yan. pero siempre walang masama sa extra rice.

  13. akoysi MEcoy
    akoysi MEcoy

    nagiisip kame san kame kakaen after ng aming shopping sa baclaran bukas
    at naun lalo tuloy ako naexcite dahil dito haha
    anyway simple yet mukang masarap naman pala ee nagugutom tuloy ko


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