Banapple Pies & Cheesecakes Makati

Okay, I need an effing break. I think I’ve had enough mammogram and epilepsy for the day. I’m afraid if I don’t stop working on these QA sets, I’ll go all preachy about the importance of a friggin’ breast examination! This is work related so I know I’m not making sense but please… don’t ask me to expound. Okay, that’s out… so now let’s talk about the only establishment that is always full to the brim in Ayala Triangle, Banapple Pies & Cheesecakes.

Because people are willing to wait in line to get a seat, I was under the impression the food here is great. I decided to satisfy my curiosity last pay day with my friend, Rhoda. As expected, the place was already busy by the time we got there. It reminded me of those scenes on TV shows where girls in skimpy outfits wait in the queue to enter the bar. You know, you hate the waiting, but you’re also excited because you’re about to experience something awesome. That’s what I felt so I didn’t mind the wait. If my calculation is right, it took over thirty minutes before we got a table. Good timing because as soon as we were seated, the rain started pouring. We had dinner al fresco, not exactly what I had in mind but oh well.

Rhoda and I agreed to share one pasta dish. A good call because the serving is good for two. We ordered Baked Creamy Cheesy Penne (PHP 185), it’s white sauce and meaty tomato sauce with al dente penne pasta and sauteed Hungarian sausage served with pesto bread. I’m not sure if it’s the cheese, but it has that strong bitter aftertaste. As said in the description, the pasta was al dente.What I liked most about it was the strips of sausage. I don’t know if Rhoda noticed, but I think I ate most of those sausages (teehee!). The pesto bread, on the other hand, was gritty and salty, I kinda liked it.

Rhoda was in the mood for a cake so she ordered Strawberry Amaretto Cheesecake (PHP 110). It has strawberry syrup topping with real strawberry bits and thin almond flakes. It’s a gelatinous consistency, a sour aftertaste, and a very sweet chocolate crust. In short, another letdown.

The only thing that I liked is the Banoffee Pie (PHP95). I was expecting the regular pie, you know American Pie, the pre-soiled version. But the Banoffee Pie looks just like a cake. It’s three layers of white cream, banana mixture, and graham crust with shavings of dark chocolate. But it tasted good at least so it’s okay if it didn’t look exactly like the pie that I had in mind.

Now that I’ve tried it I’m not really sure why Banapple is such a hit. Not that it’s bad, but I think the food are just so-so. So I probably won’t come back because I hate waiting especially if what I’m waiting for is not that worth it.


Banapple Pies & Cheesecakes
Ayala Triangle Gardens
yala Ave. Makati City
Telephone no.: (02) 756-2675


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Comments (14)

  1. Dianne Khu
    Dianne Khu

    I love Banapple! I like their Chicken Parmegiana (I think that's what it's called) and the salads and all the cakes! Yum!

  2. Marjorie

    @princessmicah – it was good enough for me. i recommend you give it a try 🙂

  3. princessmicah

    i've always wanted to eat at banapple. heard the food is great.

  4. Marjorie

    haha… enjoy boy takaw 🙂

  5. Boy Takaw
    Boy Takaw

    Banapple in Ayala Triangle is a stone's throw away from my office pero I can't seem to find the chance to eat there. This week… I will.. by hook or by crook. :p

  6. Marjorie

    ano ba raffy nandun sa ayala triangle. di mo ba nakita nung nag-kanin club tayo?

  7. Raffy

    Ngayon lang ako nakarining ng banapple pie ah…pero for sure masarap yung cheesecake. Kahit sa Krispy Kreme cheecake na doughnut ang binibili ko eh hahaha!

  8. Marjorie

    eh dapat patikimin mo ko nung penne version mo ate beth. tapos iba-blog ko din! tara kain tayo ng cheesecake!

  9. Marjorie

    i think i will try their other cakes next time pinkcookies.

  10. Marjorie

    i sure will jacqui. i should have asked your advice pala muna before i went there.

  11. Juls

    hay puro pagkain nakakagutom! waaah!
    mukang masarap yung baked cheesy penne, nagluluto ako ng own version ku nyan, tuna penne in tomato sauce, imbento lang that i kinda like kahit di pang market ang lasa hehe.

    lamu ilang araw ku na nakakakita ng cheese cake sa mga blogs at tulo laway na talaga ako!

  12. Anonymous

    you must try their barbecue ribs and the cadbury gold oreo cheesecake. heaven!!! -jacqui


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