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One of the best things that I remember about my trip to Ilocos years ago is the bagnet. It’s deep-fried pork, what we call locally as “chicharon.” They say its special because it takes longer to cook, which is why it is crispy, real tasty, and sinfully good. Lucky for you guys, you don’t have to go all the way the Ilocos region to eat this delectable but high-blood inducing delicacy because somewhere in Makati, along Estrella Ave., there is a restaurant popular to the yuppies, whose specialty is bagnet and it’s called, 8065 Bagnet.

This place used to be a curious thing I see everyday whenever the service van I’m on passed by Estrella Ave. The sight of planks of wood that stood as its gate when it is closed, adorned with a graffiti of its name had me wondering for quite a long time what can be found inside. I finally had the chance to dine there with some friends from work and the place wasn’t anything I’d expected. It has a rustic vibe going on, adorn with hand-drawn sketches, some paintings, books, and chalkboard. It’s like the owner didn’t care much about being pretty and just wanted everything to scream creativity. On why it’s called 8065 Bagnet, the number actually comes from its address. We learned that they have another branch in Manila called, Bagnet Republic.

8065-bagnet-interior-coffeehan (6)

Our excitement doubled when food was finally served. It was the first time my companions tried bagnet. I told them not to worry ’cause they will love it and I was right. To compare, the bagnet I had in Vigan is still better, but it doesn’t mean I liked 8065 Bagnet’s any less.

The Kare-Kare Bagnet (PHP 190) was everybody’s favorite. Kare-kare is a peanut-based sauce dish, which tastes better with bagoong. Homemade kare-kare is usually made with freshly ground peanuts, just like how my grandma does it. But I personally prefer the ones made with peanut butter because it tends to be creamier and has a fuller flavor. To my delight, that’s just how kare-kare is made in Bagnet 8065. It was crazy good!

The Original Bagnet (PHP 170) is good too. The pork is crisp but not hard to bite down and chew. A platter of it goes with a bonus; strips of green mangoes with bagoong. For those who are about to try bagnet for the first time, I recommend that you try this first, just so you would have an idea what bagnet really is.

The Steamed Dory with Curry Sauce (PHP 170) is also a winner. I loved how the fish is so soft.

Aside from the regular rice (PHP 20), we also tried Bagoong Rice (PHP 30). I was expecting it would overpower the flavor of dishes, but it didn’t. It wasn’t too salty either.

We were so full we could barely get up from our seats when were done eating. The food tastes great and it’s also affordable.

There you go, for a little piece of Vigan in the city, try 8065 Bagnet in Makati.

(Note: This post is updated with new photos.)


8065 Bagnet
8065 Estrella St.
San Antonio Village, Makati
Telephone no.: (02) 519-6511
Business Hours: Monday – Saturday – 11:00 AM – 12:00 MN



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Comments (9)

  1. Marge G
    Marge G

    Yep, the food is great! I just saw the promo too and I am buying again haha…

  2. CharlieJuliet

    Is the food there really that good? I think I'll check it out! It's a good thing CashCashPinoy is running the

    Bagnet 8065 promo again!

  3. Rhoda Salas
    Rhoda Salas

    mapapamura ka sa sarap! hahaha

  4. Kristeta

    Huwah! Wait lang, uwi na nga kami at sasama sa mga food trip nyo! This is out kind of place =) and i love quiz nights (though im never really good at them!). Uso na rin pala ang mga vouchers – ingat sis ah, yung ibang vouchers are scam.
    Ive added this on to my ever growing list of restsurants to visit =)


  5. Ashley Guevarra
    Ashley Guevarra

    I thought ikaw at si Rhoda ang may voucher nun… Hihihi! Anyway, yes, the place and the food were great!

  6. Engrjohnraycabrera

    it has been so long that i had tasted this bagnet stuff, it was in baguio, and that was wayback 1997. and after that, i haven't had a chance to eat one again, other than lechon kawali. 🙂

  7. Engrjohnraycabrera

    i love the lay out, clean and elegant. 

    speaking of cahscashpinoy, did you grab their softies buffet offer? 

  8. hana banana
    hana banana

    ow mai gawd!!!!!!! ang sarap kainin ng mga pictures!!! haha –vumivisit lang!

  9. anney

    Such a steal at naka discount kayo! I miss eating bagnet!


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