Restock Curiosities – The Ever Changing Art Cafe

It feels like entering a new cafe. It looks quite different from the way I remember it and it wasn’t even that long ago. Restock Curiosities is an art cafe tucked in what I dub as the most hip street on San Antonio Village, Guijo. The work of art that they hang on the wall or display on each corner of the cafe are curated from local artists and they are all for sale. When art goes, they are replaced, hence, the interior design of Restock is ever changing. (more…)


Tenant Manila Cafe and Surf Shop

From 2012 until mid 2016, I lived in San Antonio Village, Makati. Though not as posh as Salcedo or Bel-Air, this neighborhood is home to some of the most affluent families including the political clan of Binays. The roads in this area have gates, which they closed off at 10 in the evening. When it rains it gets easily flooded. If your mobile network is Globe you are in for some hassle as the signal in this area is very poor.  

But this residential village has a few surprises up its sleeve. It is home to many a restaurants and hip hangout places. In my 3 years in the area I never knew about this cafe sitting in Kamagong. Last weekend my friend, Alchris and I made the discovery after a quick early dinner in a nearby resto. It’s a concept store that sells surfing items with a cafe on the ground floor. It’s called, Tenant Manila Cafe and Surf Shop.



The Curator – Coffee and Cocktails

Should I go or not? I had this debate with myself despite the fact that I was all dressed up.And the indecision is not exactly life-changing. I just can’t decide whether I should go check out this cool cafe that I discovered on net. You’re reading this post, this should tell you already what was my decision. Today let me introduce you to The Curator Coffee and Cocktails.  


Itinerary Philippines Travel

A Climb Inspired by Angel Locsin – Mt. Batolusong

Early this year I’ve seen photos of Angel Locsin taken in all mountains she has conquered thus far. Angel is a local actress most famous for her TV roles. Her first bid for fame is her iconic portrayal of Pinay superhero, Darna. Now, Angel has been making raves on social media, particularly in numerous travel groups because of her penchant for mountain climbing. I remember looking at those photos and picking a mountain that I want to climb. This is how my Mt. Batolusong adventure came about; a climb that was inspired by Angel Locsin. 

dive for a cause scuba for change
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Dive for a Cause with Scuba for Change

On the 18th of February, I and my blogger friends went on a dive for a cause with Scuba for Change, a not-for-profit dive center and a unique social enterprise scuba diving business in Puerto Galera. SFC’s initiatives include funding programs to help fight child exploitation and developing skills of the locals to give them opportunity to manage and operate all of SFC’s operations.



Plank Sourdough Pizza Review

Plank Sourdough Pizza reaches the Philippines shore just last January 2017. It originates in the East Coast of Singapore by global baker, Dean Brettschneider. Plank is developed by the same people behind Baker & Cook chain of artisan bakeries and foodstores. Just like its Singapore counterpart, Plank Sourdough Pizza’s branch sits beside Baker & Cook. I was able to visit it recently with my KTG friends. So here goes my Plank Sourdough Pizza review.



KKK Coffee: A Nod to a Revolution

Who the hey is this chubby, bald kid and why is he talking to me about some weird sh*t.

Is what I was thinking the first time Pao and I talked during our breaktime in the office. We were on the same technical writing training, I was in my late 20s, he was in his early’s. I did mention in our little introduction during class that I have a thing for slasher films, true crimes, and unsolved mysteries and so he probably thought it’d be a good ice breaker for talking with me. I know that I am weird, but I guess I was one of those who are weird and awkward and Pao was one of those weird and comfortable. Comfortable in a sense that he doesn’t give a fig about what other people think about his weirdness. It didn’t take long for me to warm up to Pao because that’s how weird people are, they connect. I remembered him when I went to Quezon City recently and asked him to meet me. We met at a Filipino-themed cafe, KKK Coffee in Maginhawa. 



How Social Media Affected my Creative Process

I like to think I am a great person waiting to happen, and the delay is of my own doing. I initially thought I was just a lazy b*itch, I have come to realize that I wasn’t because I was never idle, in fact, I was always doing something. The problem lies in ill priorities. I was in a rut because I have been very irresponsible and undisciplined in the way I manage my time. I have chosen rather unwisely to waste my time on social media. Facebook has a hold on me like a cute boy who is bad for me.


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Hidden Costs of Traveling: Don’t forget to add these to your budget

Traveling can be expensive, especially when you forget about some key expenses. But costs can easily hide themselves. It’s easier to miss something when you’re excited and looking forward to the best bits of your trip, not how much it’s going to cost you. To make sure you stay within budget, we’ve got five hidden costs you ought to plan for. Check them out:


Travel Bug

Travel Bug Series 19 – Arrianne Guzman

It all started with us bumping with each other in blogger events in which we were both invited. But it wasn’t until 55 Dapitan that I got to know her a little better and I realized what a nice person she is. Not only that, she is a also a good listener. I have to emphasize that because it’s hard for me to find people who are good listeners (most of the time I do the listening) . So here comes my fellow food and travel blogger and our 19th Travel Bug star, Arrianne Guzman.


Itinerary Popular Taiwan Travel

Taiwan Travel Guide for Solo Travelers

If you’re traveling solo for the first time abroad and you don’t know where to go, I would recommend that you choose Taiwan. Yes, I did Vietnam and Cambodia in my lonesome, but I find traveling Taiwan easier than those two. Why? Because first of all, Taiwan is a first world country, which means everything is fast and convenient; they have an efficient MRT train system, beautiful parks, convenience stores everywhere, clean surroundings, and a mix of modern and old architectures. Communication is also easier because even when the signs are in Chinese they also provide the English translation, plus the locals speak better English than Cambodians and Vietnamese. In this article, I will share to you my 4D3N itinerary in Taiwan.


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Taiwan Must-Eat (Diet Another Day)

One of the first things that you should know about Taiwan is that they are big on night markets. But if you are looking for a list of their night markets, sorry to disappoint this article is not it. I didn’t have enough time to check all of them but I managed to do some food trip because I have to. The day after another I kept telling myself that I’m going to diet another day.  A promise that was made to be broken. I skipped the fancy restaurants and ate mostly street food. Today let’s do a little roundup of every food that I gobbled in my little time in Taiwan.