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Where to Stay in Taipei: Happy Taipei Hostel

My friends were busy giving me advice on our group chat because they are more bothered with my singlehood than I am.

One of them told me to approach the guys and say,

“Where are you guys headed tonight?”

She swears it’s effective because she uses that line herself. Hmm… Yeah I don’t think so. 

The other one advised me to do a more blatant approach,

“Walk around, pretend you’re going to the bathroom then sit right in the middle of them.”

Hmm okay, hell no! 

I was the only girl in the mixed-dorm in the hostel where I was staying in Taipei; and I didn’t know what to feel about it. I heard my room mates, white men of different nations, speaking in their own language. I heard Dutch, German, English, and I remained in the confines of my bed on the upper bunk pretending I wasn’t there. 1) Was I able to talk to anyone in that dorm? 2) Did I find anyone cute? 3) Would I recommend this hostel to you my dear readers? Please read on to find out.


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Visiting the Land of Meteor Garden

My hands were cold and clammy and I’m not sure if it’s due to the air-conditioning of the plane or my flying anxiety. I was on a plane, on my way to Taipei. There was an Air Asia seat-sale last year and I took the opportunity to book a trip. Frankly, I had no idea what I would see in Taiwan before I hit that button, I just went with my gut feel. You know that feeling, when a place seems to beckon you and you decide to answer it. And I answer it I did.


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Learn Scuba Diving in the City

This must be how asthmatic people feel like.”

No you idiot, asthmatic people can’t breathe normally.”

“But I can’t breathe normally.”

Of course you can you dimwit, that’s what the regulator is for.

Nah, I quit, I don’t want to do this. I am not a fish.”

Who says anything about becoming a fish? This is scuba diving, what did you expect? Now stop being melodramatic and get your as* back there.”


No buts, we don’t have all day. Don’t leave this swimming pool without knowing how to do this.”


Selah Garden Hotel: Discover this Urban Oasis in the Heart of Pasay City

Location is one of the significant factors people consider when visiting a place. As much as possible, we want it to be convenient and easy to find because a few may not mind the egg hunt, but many would find it troublesome. However, there are some things in life that are worth the trouble like this boutique hotel in the heart of Pasay city called, The Selah Garden Hotel. Outside the hotel, the surrounding isn’t all too pleasing but inside there is an urban oasis. And those who will be able to find it is in for a wonderful surprise.


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Travel Bug Series 18 – Lou Ongpin

I like being surprised by people. Like when you meet someone who looks every bit like a person born into a rich family and you get an impression, “Nah, this person won’t do in a rugged setting,” and then she proves you wrong. That’s exactly what happened when I met Lou and she joined my friends and I when we went to Banahaw Tugtugan music festival last year. This towering lovely woman with white alabaster skin winged it like the rest of the group. And today she is our Travel Bug star, meet Lou Ongpin, the blogger behind the lifestyle blog, Going SoLou.



Don Bao – The First Bao Resto You Should Try Soon

The last time I was in Kapitolyo, I was trying to eat and say how the food tasted like. It wasn’t for the lack of manners, I know we’re not supposed to speak as we eat. I’m referring to my guesting stint as a reviewer for the TV show, Pop Talk. Anyway, I don’t frequent Pasig; I don’t have many friends in the area and personally, I find it hard getting to that city. Then my friend, Jerro (GourManila) invited me and another friend of us, Arrianne (Travel Habeat) to a late lunch in a Japanese restaurant that may have changed my mind about traveling to Pasig. The place is called Don Bao where you can find the best tasting donburis and baos.



2017: The Year We Should Stop Asking for Easy

If there is an easy way why do I have to make it hard for myself? Why should I suffer? Why do I have to endure the pain? Why do I have to put in the hard work? Why stress myself out?

In summary, I don’t want to feel uncomfortable but that’s what happening in my professional life right now and it’s triggering a fight and flight response from me. After weeks of becoming too stressed I’ve already begun hatching my flight plan (literally and figuratively). Without going down into the nitty-gritty, in the weeks before the holidays, my emotions have been spiraling out of control (think Carrie Mathison when she’s off her meds). It reached the point when I started questioning my knowledge and capabilities and strength of character.

The knee-jerk reaction is to leave and find other possibilities. I would leave every meeting feeling like a boulder is sitting on my chest. I would go home feeling like my entire life has been spent. I began to look forward to the end of the day and dreaded the start of it. The ill feelings have returned, the first sign of which is poetry. I do not write poetry when I am happy, I do it when I’m in the middle of despair. And despair is what I had been feeling from thinking that I couldn’t seem to do anything right. If people have begun feeling disappointed in me, I already beat them to it. Lately, I am anything but happy with myself.

I confided to a friend and he said that wherever I go, there will always be challenges. It’s how I deal with the challenges that would make a difference. Of course I don’t have to be a genius to see the wisdom in that statement. But my heart was rebelling and I couldn’t accept that things have to be difficult. I was ready to give up, I was already contemplating about my escape plan, I was even consulting some friends about it, then I saw this video.

Stop asking for easy.”

You know that feeling when you’ve been talking for hours with some people then you suddenly catch your reflection in the mirror and found to your horror that you have something in your teeth? That’s how it felt when I saw this video. I felt a deep sense of shame that I was complaining and wanting to get out because things are difficult. I am ashamed because I want to be successful yet at the first sign of hardship all I could think of was fleeing.

“Everybody wants the prize but nobody wants to pay the price.” — besomebody.com

Call it fate, law of attraction, or a message from God, the point is, I got the memo. In under 2 minutes, I realized that I am being a cowardly, whiny, egotistical b*tch. My work is being criticized repeatedly and what did I feel? Like a loser who couldn’t do anything good, that’s what. I took the criticism as an insult instead of a reason to improve my work.

I take great pride in what I do, yet I have forgotten why I was proud of it in the first place, which is not everyone, not even all writers, can do what I do. And the reason not everyone can do what I do is because IT IS NOT EASY! [Read: The Job I Constantly have to Explain to People]

“You should want it to be hard because then no one can replicate what you create.” — besomebody.com

I believe that god or the universe steers us in the right path when we start to lose sight of our goal. I believe this video is it for me, a some sort of a divine intervention to tell me that I should quit whining and stop asking for easy. Likewise, it reminded me that it is when I’m uncomfortable that I’m able to do great things. Every friendship bracelet that I created was a result of hours of sitting and crouching, and terrible back pain. Every story that I wrote when I was still in school was the aftermath of skipping meals and pain in my upper extremities from using an old typewriter. Every event or trip that I’ve organized was a result of careful planning and patience in coordinating with people involved. Every mountain that I conquered was an eventuality of an endless walk, shortened breath, leg strain, and a gallon of sweat. My successes be it big or small didn’t come out of thin air; they were all a result of some pain and hardwork.

Benjamin Hardy says in his Medium article,

“Most people aren’t willing to feel difficult emotions on a regular basis. However, if you’re willing to disregard how you feel in the moment, you’ll have access to a world of opportunity unavailable to 99% of the population.”

And I am not sure if you are on the same boat, but if you are I hope that 2017 is the year we do great things. To do that, let’s choose to set aside our personal feelings to get the job done. Let us double our effort. Let us lower our egos so we can learn. Let us find inspiration when we become dishearten. Let us get our hands dirty and finish what we’ve started. Let us take a breather when we become tired, but we shall never give up.

This is the year we are going to stop living with limits. 2017 is the year we stop asking for easy.