Travel Bug

Travel Bug Series 14 – Aldrick Agpaoa

Few months ago, I’ve been designated as the Travel Editor of a budding online magazine set in a virtual office. Most of the people in the editorial board, I have yet to meet in person but already I feel like we’ve known each other forever, most especially my associate editor, Chiki. Last August, we were able to meet in person after he took the long trip from Baguio to Manila. Chiki girl, as I fondly call him, is as cheerful and likable as he is online. And I’m sure that you will like him too, so I made the business of including him in my travelers series. So ladies and gents, meet our 14th Travel Bug Series feature, Aldrick “Chiki” Agpaoa.



Birthday Over Coffee – Habitual Coffee

I’m not trying to make a month-long celebration so you don’t have to greet me belated happy birthday. Indecision got in the way so I wasn’t able to post this right away. Anyhoo, I celebrated my 34th birthday in a coffee shop; nothing fancy, just met a few friends over coffee. I was supposed to go to La Union but I decided to reschedule it the next day so I can hang out with my friends. But it’s my birthday so there should be something special about it. I looked for a coffee shop that I’ve never tried before, one that offers specialty coffee. From consulting Google and Looloo I found Habitual Coffee. [Read: A Weekend Solo Travel Guide to San Juan, La Union]