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A Weekend Solo Travel Guide to San Juan, La Union

I knew I wouldn’t be having a party on my 18th birthday so I asked my parents if it’s possible we celebrate it at least at Max’s Restaurant; they laughed at me. My father just gave me a few hundred bucks to shut me up. It did, but it still made me sad. I promised myself that when I finally start earning my own money I would celebrate my birthday every year. I started by organizing a party on my 27th birthday just to make up for a childhood frustration. Years passed and I have quickly lost interest in balloons, booze, and karaoke. Now I just want to travel and the tradition began just last year when I rented a small island to celebrate my 33rd birthday [Read: Sundang Island: Your Island for a Day]. This year, I wanted to do it alone so on the weekend after I hit 34, I took the bus that goes to La Union.



The Self-Inflicted Disease of Finishing Nothing – Procrastination

You are about to see how my thoughts work when it doesn’t feel like thinking but it wants to write something. I’ve edited the opening so many times it’s not funny anymore. So I figured I should just write whatever it is that I want and forget about the structure just so I could produce a content.

You know what they say, that you shouldn’t bite more than you can chew, and that if you really really want to finish something and you really really want to be successful, you shouldn’t multitask but focus on just one thing until it’s over. The concept is simple, it’s harder to finish something if you are doing everything all at the same time. It’s hard to put quality into your work if you are too distracted. The problem with me though is that I suffer from a disease and you might be familiar with it.


Travel Bug

Travel Bug Series 13 – Arni Nauleau

There are only two bloggers in this world whose post I’d certainly read regardless of the topic. One of them is Arni Nauleau of Travel Gourmande. I started reading her 2 years ago (if I remember it right) and have remained her fan ever since. She writes simply but with passion and her stories are quite engaging I wished many times that I was in her shoes. She traveled in destinations I could only dream of and had a job I would have wanted to do if only I were good in math and drawing. You can say that she is one of my role models and I am hoping that someday I’d get to meet her in person. Now Arni is living a simple, but exciting life on an island with her family. Get to know her and her nomadic lifestyle in this Travel Bug Series feature.


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Why You Shouldn’t Go to Taytay Falls on a Weekend

This title is not a click-bait. I didn’t use this to fish for curiosity, make you wonder why you shouldn’t visit a certain place but in reality, I was really telling you to go visit it. I am telling you for a fact that it is a terrible idea to go to Taytay Falls, at least on a weekend.



Coffee Events

The Coffee Journey from Crop to Cup – Cupping with Entreps

The name of this blog alone should already clue you in on one of my favorite things in life; coffee. I cannot live without it. Sometimes it takes a cup of a joe or a lack of it to set the tone of my day. It’s likely I would be suffering from a terrible headache if I don’t get my dose of coffee. But my love for coffee, for quite some time, stayed in just the aspect of consuming. I don’t really possess an in-depth understanding of what it is about and the whole process of turning it into this brown liquid drink that I claim I cannot live without. Then I heard about an event called, Cupping with Entrep, a short session that involves talks about the process of making coffee and the actual cupping. I’ve been entertaining thoughts of having my own coffee shop of late; learning about coffee is a step toward this goal.