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The Day I Became a Guest Reviewer on Pop Talk

My almost 6 years in the blogosphere have been a play of throwing mud on the wall, hoping something would stick. I started by attending some media events, then I ventured to the art of food appreciation, went to some out-of-town trips with friends and shared the experience, and even started developing my style to try a hand on fashion blogging. Because I had no specific niche, I put my blog under the lifestyle category. It was good in a sense that I had more materials than most bloggers, but it was also bad because I couldn’t get a focused set of readers. But for four years, 90% of my content was food related, and though I have now shifted my focus on travel, I do not regret writing about food at all. I mean how could I, when it’s the thing that landed me a TV guesting on the TV show, Pop Talk of GMA News TV 11.


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Travel Bug Series 9 – Diego and Gloria

I’m not sure who invented it, but I’ve seen it all over my Pinterest and Twitter feeds, those photos of couples who are doing cute stuff together emblazoned with the caption, “Relationship Goals.” One of those relationship goals is to explore the world with your partner, which clearly is what this couple is doing. But how is it really to travel with the love of your life? Learn this and more as I give you our first Travel Bug Series couple, Diego and Gloria of Cafe con Leche Abroad.


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A Side Trip to Sumbrero Island

“We don’t want to shower!” said my friend.

“Actually, I do,” is what I wanted to say but I let the words die on my lips. We were on a boat waiting to be taken to Sumbrero Island. We just trekked down from Mt. Gulugud Baboy where we camped for a night. Nobody was able to sleep because the wind lashed our tents the entire time. We have a saying that goes something like, “Magbiro ka na sa lasing wag lang sa bagong gising,” (You can mess around with a drunkard but not to a person who just roused from sleep). But in this case, the more appropriate statement is, “You can mess around with a drunkard but not to a person who didn’t get any sleep.” None of us was well rested to take some bullshit, and bullshit is what Philpan Dive Resort was trying to give us that morning.