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Finding Courage at Kalayaan Twin Falls

I saw a man about to jump and in my mind I was telling him to “just do it.” I repeated this in my head like a mantra, willing for the person to take the leap. He was up there for more than 30 minutes and I could only imagine what was running through his head. If I were in his position I’d probably be scared shitless, but I was just a spectator and I couldn’t stand the suspense. If I were his friend I might have given him the much-needed push, but I wasn’t so I waited. I readied my camera, set it on video mode, and then at last, the man has finally conquered whatever misgivings he had. No, I did not just wish someone to jump to his death; I was cheering for him to take the plunge from the top of Kalayaan Twin Falls.


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A Showcase of New Dishes at Hotel Rembrandt The Lobby

I tried my best to act properly. I did it the best way I know how, by keeping to myself. You see, the occasion calls for it when I attended the sit-down dinner pairing of Hotel Rembrandt’s The Lobby. The event was held with the word “posh” in mind; long tables lined up the banquet hall, the table was arranged in a fine-dining setup, and a staff was assigned to serve each guest. I had to act like I know these things and I think I succeeded hahaha… But enough about me, let’s talk about the food. You see, The Lobby has a new head chef and with it comes a new set of dishes.


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Conquering Mt. Mabilog

I hate climbing mountains. Okay not the mountain but the climbing part. If I could teleport myself up there I may hate this adventure a little less. But no, I am no Nightcrawler, I’m just Marjorie, a 33-year old writer and travel enthusiast who really knows nothing about appreciating the art of mountain climbing. Nonetheless, I’ve climbed a few mountains in my life. Mt. Kalatong in Romblon, Mt. Ipo in Bulacan, let’s include those three in the Cordillera Region, and even that paved mountain to get to PAGASA Weather Station in Baler. I climbed them all, not because I wanted to but because I had to. It’s kinda like paying bills, I pay them not because I want to, but because I have to. I’m sure you get the point.

Given this, why the hell am I writing now about Mt. Mabilog? Actually, why the fudge did I climb Mt. Mabilog? I really don’t know, but I did so I might as well tell you the story.



An Exclusive First Look at LoLa Café’s New Menu

When I think of Quezon City I remember the QC Circle, the Maginhawa Street, and all the third-wave cafes that I’ve been obsessing of late. But I have not really been exploratory when it comes to food, hence I didn’t know about LoLa Café + Bar until Richie of The Pickiest Eater invited me. I found out that a new guy, is heading the kitchen and on that day he is giving us an exclusive first look (or taste if you may) of their new dishes; 16 of them. Yeah I know, I’m lucky. And today let me serve as your food connoisseur and give you a blow-by-blow review of these delectable foods fresh off the Chef Jon Mangibin’s kitchen.


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Travel Bug Series 5 – Potpot Pinili

The first time I heard about this guy was from a friend who couldn’t stop talking about him. Karan always tells me, “Kilala mo si Potpot?” (Do you know Potpot?), to which I’d say, “no.” She would then proceed on telling me a story about something that he did or something that he said and I tell you they are always funny. Before long, I’ve grown a curiosity about who this Potpot person is and why does my friend love him to pieces. Eventually, I had a chance to meet him, start reading his blog, and have become an instant fan. Potpot is a traveler and a writer and if you care to hear my opinion, he is one of the best there is.

And I am happy that he agreed to be featured in my blog. So ladies and gents, I present to you the man behind Travel Trilogy. Here’s Potpot, the star of our November Travel Bug series.


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A Gloomy Walk to the Smokey Mountain

I hailed from a squatter’s area somewhere in Sampaloc, Manila where I grew up obsessed with the desire to leave the place. I loathed the squalor and the noise and the malodorous air. I hated the ground that is always damp even in the middle of summer. It’s a place familiar with girls getting pregnant early and young men taking odd jobs to make ends meet. It’s a place where people eat gossip for breakfast, sharing each other’s stories or somebody else’s. It’s a place where people are seemingly resigned to accept the same fate the majority has taken. (more…)