Staycation For Two At Guijo Suites

Updated! We got a winner!

It may have something to do with the fact that we are living in a stressful time that people started finding ways to take that much-needed break without straying far away from the city. In 2007, they invented a word for it, “staycation.” It gained popularity in the US during the time of financial crisis that lasted until 2010. Now, whenever I hear the word, I associate it with this 3-star hotel that is the venue of my first solo staycation. It’s somewhere in Makati, near my place of residence, which takes the name of the street where it is located, Guijo Suites.



Palo Alto Bed and Breakfast

After staying in Dream Land Cottages and Tapik Beach Park Guesthouse in El Nido, I was ready to experience something real comfortable. For the record, I don’t mind staying in rustic accommodation, but I’d be lying if I tell you that I don’t prefer a much pleasant or cozier setup, which is exactly what I found at Palo Alto Bed & Breakfast in Puerto Princesa.



Bring Back That Old Feeling At Filling Station Bar

I recently went to a bar cafe and restaurant that has so much going on in it I remember it most for its interior than the food. Not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing. Filling Station can be found in the so-called Red District in Makati Ave. On why it’s called a gas station you have to go upstairs to find out.


Philippines Travel

First Solo Adventure Continues In Puerto Princesa

“Puerto Princesa is famous for the Underground River…”

is the sad summary of what I used to know about this city in Palawan. This first solo sojourn changed all that. Though my stay was rather brief to allow an in-depth insight of the place, let me share the things that I enjoyed and discovered during my trip in the place they call as the City within the Forest.


Travel Bug

Travel Bug Series 3 – Karan Grace Ballon

The first thing that she asked me when we first met is,

“When is your next travel?”

For the whole night, she would ask the same question to the other people she met during the Backpacker Teacher launch. That’s how I met Karan Grace Ballon, our third featured traveler in our Travel Bug Series. Get to know the woman behind Ritz & Grace Travel and Tours in this interview.


Accommodation Philippines Travel

Tapik Beach Park Guesthouse

Somewhere in the eastern tip part of Palawan, in the sleepy town of Sibaltan, time seems to stand still. There lies a concealed paradise only known to a select few. There, you can behold the most beautiful sunrise as it slowly breaks into the horizon. There you can walk barefoot on the sand, dimpled with holes by the tiny and almost translucent crabs. There you own the sea, the air, and the quiet. Somewhere in El Nido there is an isolated paradise and it’s called Tapik Beach Park Guesthouse.


Itinerary Philippines Travel

What to expect on Tour A in El Nido Palawan

Three years ago, my officemates and I went to Coron, Palawan. The owner of the place we stayed in gave us a boat with two boatmen, and much like a paper boat we sailed not knowing where we would go. They took us to several islands, those that can be reached by the fuel that revved up the boat. Our island-hopping tour was spontaneous and unpredictable; we had no set itinerary. It’s an entirely different story in El Nido.