Dream Land Beach Cottages – El Nido Palawan

One of the things that I heard from my friends, and this they were unanimous, is that accommodation in El Nido is a price of gold. Now I’m not sure where my friends went because in my case, I found a beach-front lodging, which rate only goes for PHP 500 (10.05) a night. The place is called Dream Land Beach Cottages and it can be found in Corong Corong.


alqueria gift certificate

Coffeehan’s 5th Anniversary Giveaway – Alqueria

[Updated: We have a winner!]

Do you remember my first blog giveaway? No? Well, can’t blame you there, I haven’t been quite generous when it comes to this thing. but maybe we can change that. Let’s start today as I officially open Coffeehan’s second blog giveaway because one, I turned 33 last August 19 and two, it’s Coffeehan’s 5th Anniversary this coming August 31. That’s two celebration y’all so I am holding two giveaways! Are you excited? I hope you are! For the first giveaway, one lucky winner will receive a PHP1,000 worth of gift certificate at Alqueria Tapas, Paellas y Bistecas.


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First Solo Travel In El Nido Palawan

Sometime last year, I couldn’t get myself to sleep, oppressed with despair over a dispute with a friend. What do you do when things like this happen to you? Some of you might answer, “listen to music,” “watch or read something funny,” “hang out with friends,” or the most popular choice of them all, “eat.” In normal days, I would do the same things, but it wasn’t a normal day because Air Asia was having a cent sale! In a bid to find solace, I booked a flight to Puerto Princesa. I didn’t even care about the fact that I would be traveling alone and that it’d be my first time to do so. The impulsive decision turned out to be one of the best that I have ever done in my life. In June this year, I took myself in a 5-day solo trip to Palawan.



A Blast Of Spanish Cuisine at Alqueria

I still remember this interview that former MTV VJ, G Toengi had with Latin sensation, Ricky Martin. When G finished her spiel, which was spoken in Filipino, Ricky commented that the language is laced by some Spanish words. Well Ricky Martin, that’s just tip of the iceberg. The Spanish culture is so deeply ingrained in the Philippine culture, traces of it are still highly evident to this date. It’s in the names of the people – Julio, Cruz, Ricardo; name of places – Estrella, Geronimo, Guadalupe; language – para, importante, muebles; and also in the food – afritada, arroz caldo, menudo. Even so, I have yet to meet someone to answer Spanish when asked for his favorite cuisine. In fact, go ahead and try asking some people, I bet your A you’d get Italian, Thai, Japanese or Chinese. Now take these people to Alqueria Tapas, Paellas Y Bistecas and then ask them the same question again.


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Travel Bug Series 2 – Michelle Melo

Michelle Melo, more known to her friends as Michy is the first food blogger that I’ve met and become friends with. And this August, she is the star of our Travel Bug Series. Read on to know more about this food blogger and her travel adventures.


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Room With View Of Taal Volcano In Tagaytay

Have you ever found an accommodation where you felt so comfortable you never want to leave? This place is exactly it for me. I found this room through Airbnb while I was looking for Tagaytay accommodation. Not only is the room clean and charming it also offers the view of Taal Volcano.


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7 Best Things I Found In Tagaytay

Out of all the trips I’ve arranged, this has been the most stressful. I will remember it most for the trip with the most number of people who bailed. It’s not just two people, not even three, but seven goddang people! Thankfully, one person seemed to have taken pity on me and determined to push through with the trip. Let’s all give him (Cai of Travelosyo) a round of applause, clap clap clap. Teehee!

It’s as if the universe was trying to make amends, so in exchange for those 7 people are these 7 best things that made this Tagaytay trip worth taking.


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Cheap Accommodation In Boracay Station 2

I do have that fantasy; waking to the sound of waves, sipping from a glass of wine — but I don’t like wine so let’s make that a glass of mojito —  spending the lazy afternoon gazing out to the sea, feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, all to the confines of a beautiful room that faces the sea. But then who doesn’t want this? When we go on a vacation, doing it in comfort is of course very much desired. In Boracay, there are many accommodation that can offer these things and more. With beauty and luxury though come a hefty price tag; high-end beach front hotels carry a daily outlay of 3 to 4 thousand, and that’s the lowest. But what good is a posh accommodation if you will be spending more time outdoors.