Travel Bug

Travel Bug Series 1 – Cai Dominguez

Hi my dear readers, I am starting a new tradition in Coffeehan. Every month, I will be featuring a person afflicted with the travel bug. These are the seasoned travelers, the seat sale waiters, and the travel tips experts. Because we all love traveling, why not learn a thing or two from these people?

Our first featured traveler is a good friend of mine, Carlo Dominguez, also known as “Cai.”



Red Baron Manila

Have you seen a steakhouse on top of a car wash? Nope? Well then you haven’t been to Bambang and you haven’t tried Red Baron, which I will remember most for being a steakhouse on top of a car wash. Hey maybe that’s a good reference when you come looking for it, ask the driver to take you to that steakhouse on top of a car wash. Okay, I mentioned it three times already so if you miss this place still then I don’t know anymore. I just feel that I should emphasize the setup of this resto because my friend who lives within the area didn’t know that Red Baron exists. She was under the impression that Red Baron is a car wash. But it’s not, so let’s start the review.



Now Brewing, The New Coffeehan

Hello my loves, my countrymen, my dear readers! After almost three months of hiatus, Coffeehan is back with a vengeance. Welcome to my new home and that’s right, Coffeehan now owns a domain! And that’s just one of the wonderful changes that I made on this blog. During my absence, I got busy trying to breathe new life to this Coffeehan. Among the things that I did during this revamp project are the following:



Bohol La Roca Hotel

Have you been to a place that didn’t do justice to the photos and not in a good way? That’s how Bohol La Roca Hotel is. It looked so beautiful in pictures I almost didn’t recognize it in person.


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That Little Vigan Called Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

There are some images, memories, or people I associate with certain places. Banaue for the rice terraces, butanding (whale shark) for Donsol, Sinulog for Cebu, Black Nazarene for Quaipo, and basaan-ng-tao, festival for San Juan. Sadly, the only association I could conjure for Bataan is the Bataan Death March; that grim part in Philippine history where an estimated 2,500 to 10,000 Filipino and American soldiers died during their forced transfer from Mariveles, Bataan to Capas, Tarlac. It took a recent trip to Bataan, in a company summer teambuilding to change all that. Today, when I hear the name of Bataan, I remember this place I like to call, “Little Vigan.” It’s a heritage park tucked away in the historic town of Bagac; Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar.