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Starbucks Reserve Makati

You know how those establishments sprout like mushrooms and you have no idea whatsoever where did they come from? That’s what happened with Starbucks Reserve. Suddenly it was sitting there right in the corners of Valero and Rufino. So you might be wondering how is Starbucks Reserve different from the regular Starbucks stores? Well, Starbucks Reserve offers distinctive coffees from different parts of the world. These coffees are specially prepared in the Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle, U.S.A (#soshal).

Starbucks Reserve is also the most good looking Starbucks branch I’ve ever seen. I have a thing for industrial design so I was naturally impressed by their interiors. The focal point of the cafe is this huge shelves on top of the bar where the jars of coffee grounds are on display. It looks totally cool.

I didn’t want to beat the purpose of going there the first time so I ordered Peru Chonti grande ( ₱140). The drink made me realize two things: (1) I love coffee but apparently, I have yet to develop a taste for exotic flavors (2) I really hate strong coffee. Peru Chonti has a strong burnt taste with a trace of sour flavor. I ordered a grande, a bad call because I couldn’t even get myself to finish half of the cup. No amount of sugar and milk mitigated the caustic flavor of the coffee.

Good thing there’s an Oreo Cheesecake to distract me from the taste of the coffee. A reminder that a cake goes well with coffee.

What about you guys, have you been to any Starbucks Reserve branch yet?

Coffee Food

The Buzz Cafe Bohol

We walked along the sea shore of Alona Beach in the afternoon searching for a cafe.  Because of the white-sand beach and the numerous establishments that line the shore, Alona is often compared with Boracay. I figured the island would be much livelier at night and I regret that we wouldn’t be there to see it. Still, we enjoyed a few hours of our stay in Alona, especially when we found this charming coffee shop, The Buzz Cafe.


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Quick Guide To Bohol

Did you ever believe when you were a kid that Chocolate Hills are made of real chocolates? If you answer no then good for you but if you answer yes, well then welcome to the club! Even when I now know that these big brown-colored mounds are not what I thought they were, I’m happy to say that the experience of seeing them up close wasn’t any less exciting. In fact, it is one of the most breathtaking sceneries I’ve ever seen in my life. Chocolate Hills though is just one of the many things you can see in this province. Let me expound by giving you this quick guide to Bohol.



Rebuild Bohol

In October 2013, Bohol suffered a massive destruction due to what is recorded as the deadliest earthquake in the Philippines in 23 years.  The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) reported over 73,000 damaged infrastructures, a death toll of 222, and over 900 people injured. Since then, numerous rebuilding projects have been undertaken that still continue to this day, by different government and non-government agencies. One of the organizations active in this effort is the Habitat for Humanity Philippines (HBFP). A year after the catastrophe, our company, Henkel, decided to join HBFP in this endeavor. That is how I found myself in the land of the Chocolate Hills this October.