Island Chicken Inasal

Boracay is expensive and so it has been a challenge to find those that wouldn’t burn holes in our pockets. Cheaper alternatives are the franchises of popular food places like McDonalds, Mang Inasal, and Andoks. Not to be snooty but I didn’t come all the way to Boracay to eat in places I could easily spot in Manila because what’s the point? And so we roamed, opting to suffer the fury of the midday sun if it means we could eat somewhere that is not Manila. Our effort has been rewarded because we found Island Chicken Inasal in D’Mall.



Boracay Peninsula Resort

In our four-day Boracay sojourn, we stayed at Boracay Peninsula Resort, one of the beach-front resorts in Station 2. It was built in 1999 and has 40 rooms (some with verandas and balconies). The first thing you’d see upon arrival is the swimming pool right in the middle of its two buildings.


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Boracay Travel Guide – A Few Days in Paradise

I had this thought, prior to this trip that Boracay may just be overrated, no thanks to my favorite travel companions whose refusal to take this trip made me feel like I’ve just asked them to watch a Justin Bieber concert. It made me wonder if Boracay is too mainstream to merit a consideration. Still, I found myself wanting to perceive the logic behind its popularity. In Lenten season we hear local celebrities go on and on about their plans to hit Boracay, in a tone that seems to me, sends a subliminal message that says, “I’m so cool I am going to Boracay while you, the uncool peeps, have to be at home with nothing to do but have a 7th Heaven-, or an Eat Bulaga-holy week special-marathon, or worse, wait for any of your neighbors to give you porridge from their pa-caridad.” Years of being told where these celebs go when the lord is dead gave me curiosity, which eventually turned into an itch. And what better way to cure an itch but to scratch it; and this summer, I did. Last March 19th, I have come to understand why Boracay is considered by many, a paradise.