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Bo’s Coffee

Bo’s Coffee is one of the cafes that I can recommend to anyone who wants to have good tasting coffee. So why the hey, after blogging for almost four years now, did I not post a single review about it? Beats me. But let me make it up by writing about it now, the Glorietta 5 branch in particular.



Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza

I am a fan of impromptu rendezvous simply because it happens, unlike the planned affairs that most of my friends like to fuck up with their inexcusable excuses. Yesterday, I wasn’t really planning to go out and try this pizza place along Salcedo but that’s exactly what happened when I asked some of my friends, Ni, Rhoda, and Alchris to have an afternoon break with me. This is how I discovered, Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza.