Wickedmouth Unang Putok Book Signing

Whenever I buy new books I always subject them to two things: they will be covered with clear plastic and they will be signed by me. Yes, I signed those books like I’m the author (date of purchase included), because everyone needs to know that those books are mine, hahaha… Or maybe it’s me trying to make up for what I am not, a book author (but I’m hoping that someday I will be). I wonder what does it feel like to have your readers wait up in queue just to get your scribble on their copy of your book, and perhaps have a picture with you? Maybe I should just ask Glenn a.k.a. “Glentot,” who just had the exact experience during the book signing event for his first book, Wickedmouth Unang Putok, last February 15. (more…)


PBO And The Elderlies Of Kanlungan Ni Maria

Last Sunday I went to an event and was handed this rose. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the flower has started to wither; the tips of its petals have darkened, the red color, no longer as intense, the fragrance has grown faint. But the rose is still a rose, which may have lost some of its vibrancy, but still beautiful. I knew that the rose wouldn’t go for too long, but I haven’t a heart to just throw it away. And so it makes me wonder, if I couldn’t let go of something as simple as this flower, why are there some people who could go on living despite abandoning the old souls of Kanlungan ni Maria.