A Review Of Wickedmouth Unang Putok by Glentot

It was a little before 12 midnight. My night lamp was on, I was lying comfortably in bed, my head elevated with my stacked pillows, and my face covered with a facial mask. I had the book in my hand with every intention to finish it before I call it a day. I just read through the first few paragraphs and already I was laughing, but since I had a facial mask on and my roomies were already sleeping, I did my damnedest to suppress my laugh — bad call. The effort soon had me suffering from a coughing fit, my throat burned, my eyes watered, and there’s a big possibility I have woken up my roomie. So much for trying to keep the noise down huh. This happened when I started reading the first book of one my favorite bloggers, Glentot of Wickedmouth, entitled “Unang Putok.”