Have you ever eaten so much, you thought you were going to die? That’s what happened to me when my friend, Bethel, treated me to dinner last time we met. It was actually his birthday present to me when he failed to buy me a gift even after spending two hours roaming Lucky Chinatown Mall. There were three of us, me, Bethel, and Dan. They asked me where I wanted to eat, I told them I was craving for bulalo so we picked a Filipino restaurant. That’s how we found ourselves at Kuse. Now on why Bethel ordered a set meal that is good for 10 people is beyond me. What did we have?



Coffeehan’s First Pay it Forward

Since I turned 31 recently and Coffeehan just celebrated it’s 3rd Anniversary, I’ve decided to share my blessings to one lucky reader. Because I don’t want to be called mainstream and as you know I am melodramatic I am calling it, Pay it Forward instead of a giveaway. As I mentioned in my anniversary post, this is not a sponsored giveaway. So what are up for grabs?