Roots Music and Arts Festival 2013

And the day that makes motel and flower shop owners ten times richer has passed. Last Thursday, the blessed people who proudly display their “in a relationship” status on their FB pages had the perfect excuse to be cheesy as the world celebrates Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t one of them. Unlike the past years though, I didn’t spend my day moping at home, eating fatty foods, crying for an unrequited love, while spewing bitter comments (my favorite: maghihiwalay din kayo!) against people who were busy making babies. This year my Valentine was anything but uneventful, aside from joining the Dating Game program in our office (that’s another story), I spent the entire night in what has to be one of the coolest musical events ever invented, the Roots: Music and Arts Festival at the UP (University of the Philippines) Fair.


kangaroo jack sirloin steak

Kangaroo Jack

Word of advice: thou shall not go on a food trip or try a new food establishment with a full stomach. It was the main issue that prevented me from enjoying Kangaroo Jack in SM Manila. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to give you a fair review because when I’m stuffed my sense of taste is automatically reduced. But oh well, let’s do this anyway. I’m not sure if Kangaroon Jack is Australian or Filipino owned, but the theme of the resto is obviously of the former; the boomerangs and the kangaroo most commonly seen in the Land Down Under are on display in this resto.