Adobo Connection

One of my officemates has been tweeting nonstop about this place where he likes to take his lunch, Adobo Connection. I’d been thinking about giving it a try so I asked my cousin, Jackie to go with me last 21st of December.



Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

I found another cupcake place that is so cute it looks just like a doll house. Now that I mentioned it, what is it with cupcake stores that they have to look so cute and feminine? Not that I’m complaining, just curious is all. Anyway, there is a newly opened cupcake store at Glorietta called Vanilla Cupcake Bakery.

Rhoda told me about it through text, and I imagined her jumping up and down while doing so. You see, cupcake is one of our common interests. Last week, I was able to check it out and my oh my, what a lovely place indeed. Pastel colors, cushioned seats with pillows, lamps, curtains, teacup set, everything is oh so girly! I think I just had a vision of my future home.

vanilla-cupcake-bakery (4)
vanilla-cupcake-bakery (3)

Aside from the cupcakes they also offer other pastries like cookies and muffins.

vanilla-cupcake-bakery (1)

Okay now on to the cupcakes, so far I’ve tried three. The Classic Mocha (PHP85) (see those cupcakes on the far right in the picture above, that’s it) is my least favorite. The icing is too thick and awfully sweet, something you could only take so much of.

One of my favorite cupcake flavors is Red Velvet (PHP85) so I tried it too. Looks cute, those red sprinkles on the icing is a nice touch, but it fell short on the taste. It’s okay, all I’m saying is, I’ve had better red velvet cupcakes before, like the one from J. Cuppacakes.

vanilla-cupcake-bakery (2)

My recommendation goes to the Coffee Walnut Salted Caramel (PHP70). Cheaper than the first two but I swear to you it tasted better. It has a full flavor and somehow the saltiness balances the sweetness so you don’t get bored with the taste. I could be wrong, but I tasted a hint of banana flavor too.

vanilla-cupcake-bakery (5)

I noticed that the base of VCB’s cupcakes is moist but not sparse or crumbly. It makes eating easier and less messy.

And that ends my little story about the newest cupcake place in Makati.

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery
Glorietta 4, Ayala Avenue,
Glorietta Complex, Makati City