Make Your Own Burger At The Burger Project

I hate pickles and I certainly don’t want it on my burger. Ketchup or mustard for me should be an option, and maybe instead of cheddar they should use blue cheese. Ah… the joys of being in control. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could tell them exactly how we want our burger done minus the possibility they’d spit on our food. Oh yeah we could! There is a place where you can friggin’ dictate the ingredients of your burger and it’s (aptly called) The Burger Project. (more…)


Carmen – Lisa Macuja Swan Song Series

Imagine counting the amount of food (or calories if you will) you eat, denying yourself of those that make life worth living, all the while trying to maintain your body mass index below the normal range. Imagine dedicating your life doing intense physical training for hours on end that would have you feeling sore in places you never thought existed. Then imagine having to deal with the sight of your feet made ugly by broken nails, blisters, bruises, and bunions, for the rest of your life. Ladies and gents, you have just taken a quick peek on the life of every person who do, what I perceive to be, the most difficult of dances, ballet.