Mezza Norte – Food Tripping In Mercato Of The North

There were so many people finding a table is like trying to win the lottery, the place is covered by smoke you begin to wonder if you’ve just died and gone to heaven, there were so many foods to choose from you’re practically stuffed at the mere sight of them. These ladies and gents were the problems my officemates and I had to overcome in our recent food trip at Mezza Norte, the Quezon City’s version of Banchetto and Mercato, which opened in July this year.



Mario O’Hara’s Stage Show

Last Saturday with only three hours worth of sleep, I commuted all the way to Makati from Quezon City. My body was so sore I could barely walk and my eyes were so heavy I had to use every ounce of my energy to keep them open. The cause of all this trouble was a dance practice, but that’s another story. Given this state you’d think I’d spend the rest of the day sleeping? Wrong. At 6PM I found myself at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) to see the musical called, Stage Show.