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Surfing 101 And Ditumabo Falls – Baler

Buwis-buhay” (life threatening) is the word that would sum up our second day in Baler. It is by far the most daring thing any of us had ever done in our lives. So much so that it made our first day in Baler seemed painless. In this post, let me share with you two of the most challenging adventures that you could ever experience in Baler, Aurora.


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Bay’s Inn Restaurant – Baler

In our Baler trip, 50 bucks is our agreed allocation for every meal. This means we went beyond our budget when we had our dinner in the restaurant of Bay’s Inn Resort, one of the well-known gastronomic destinations in Baler. Good thing we had extra money in hand, we just couldn’t pass up the chance to eat in a place that has won many a rave from tourists and bloggers.


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Bahia de Baler

I’ve been seeing some people in a forum asking where should they stay in Baler. Here’s my recommendation. Bahia de Baler is not beachfront, but it’s only a few minutes away from the beach. It has two buildings and in this review, I will be specific with Bahia de Baler II where we stayed.


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A Travel Guide to the Surfer’s Paradise – Baler

Have you guys heard of the sole sisters? Two women who dared to resign from their jobs to travel for 6 months in Asia. Theirs a story that inspired my adventure of late with six of my colleagues in Aurora province. I’m 29 yet to this day my passport remained as spotless as the day I got it. I wasn’t as fortunate as to have the means to travel as often as I wished, and it has always been a subject of great frustration. So when I saw the blog of Lois and Chichi I told myself, “if you really want to travel, why not do something about it?” So I did.