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A Latte Art Workshop

For the first time, I received an invite to a blogger’s event. Krups Marketing emailed me to attend the Latte Art Workshop at Landmark Trinoma on November 5, 2011. I gladly accepted and brought with me my friend, Rhoda. The main sponsor of the event is Krups. The chairs were set up in a semi-circular angle, facing this humongous Christmas tree. Just beside this Christmas tree were three long tables covered with white linens. Outside the conference area were some stalls where you can get free taste of the products from the other sponsors such as Tim Tam, Jif, Smuckers, Folgers, and Meadow fresh milk.



Wee Nam Kee

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but I am not too keen on authentic Chinese cuisine. If however the food has been cooked Filipino style then I make an exception. This pretty much explains why by and large, my blog rarely touches Chinese food. Note that I’ve done Italian, French, Indian, and Filipino restaurants on my food and restaurant reviews but never Chinese. Well not until now. Today I place the spotlight on a Chinese resto called Wee Nam Kee, the subject of my most recent food trip with some friends. It is, by the by, one of the food spots in Ayala Triangle, Makati. Yes, I know, we’re back in the triangle, that is because I ain’t done with the place yet.