Klook – Cheap and Reliable WiFi Buddy for Travelers

Staying connected while traveling has become easier thanks to portable pocket WiFi. I first knew about it through the promotion of travel bloggers who received sponsorship from WiFi providers. I saw them toting the device during their travels and it helps them stay connected to their followers. So when I was planning my Taiwan trip I thought about renting a WiFi device because you know, blogger duties. My kuripot (thrifty) tendency was triggered when I saw the rate of the providers that these bloggers are promoting. One goes for PHP 390 (USD 7.73) per day, the other is PHP 300 (USD 5.95), also on a per day basis. It means that if I chose any of those two providers, the damage would be PHP 900 to 1,170 to cover my 3-day Taiwan trip. That’s a lot of money! Good thing a friend recommended a much cheaper option, so cheap I had doubts about its capability . But nope, this pocket WiFi is so good I just had to write a review. To those who have been waiting about this, here it is! A review of this cheap and reliable WiFi buddy for travelers, Klook.

But first, what is Klook?

Unlike the other WiFi providers that I know, Klook is first of all, a one-stop shop for booking travel experiences. They prepare itineraries that tourists can book through their website or mobile app. Pocket WiFi rental is just one of the services that they offer.

How much is the WiFi Rental?

So I went to their website to book their WiFi device. To my surprise Klook offers a much cheaper rate than their counterparts. The 4G WiFi rental is only PHP 89 (USD 1.77) per day. 89 pesos versus 300 pesos? There is no discussion here! I booked Klook and all in all I only paid PHP 267 (USD 5.30) for 3 days of use. After confirming my booking online, I received a voucher, which I printed and presented in a booth that can be found inside Taoyuan International Airport. But before I stir up a commotion, this is a discount/promo rate (the regular rate is striked out when I booked). Even so, when I compared the discounted rates of Klook with other providers, Klook still wins as the cheaper option. Note that I got the 89 pesos rate when I booked it last year. I just checked today and saw that it is now PHP 91 (USD 1.81); still cheap though! 

Where to pick up the device?

When you reach Taoyuan Airport, don’t bother looking for a Klook booth, there isn’t one. What you need to find is the Unite Traveler booth, that’s where you can pick up the device. It is opened from 5:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.

Despite the instruction on the voucher on where the stall is located I still had a hard time finding it so I asked the Information desk. See the photo below for a sketch map that they showed me. Yes the sketch is crappy but it does the job .

Claiming the device was easy breezy, just show your passport and printed voucher. You will also need to present your credit card (I provided my paymaya) as guarantee that you would return the device. In the event that you didn’t bring it back to Unite Traveler, they will charge it to your plastic.

You need to return everything after use and ensure that it’s in good condition if you don’t want to be charged. For neglect or missing device here’s what you need to settle according to certain conditions:

  • Loss or breakage of entire set: TWD 4,000 (PHP 6,557.75 – USD 130.05)
  • Loss, damage or breakage of WiFi device: TWD 3,000 (PHP 4,918.44 – USD 97.54)
  • Exterior scratches or damage: TWD 500 (PHP 819.91 – USD 16.26)
  • Loss or breakage of cover and box: TWD 300 (PHP 491.64 – USD 9.75)
  • Loss or breakage of cord set and plug: TWD 150 (PHP 246.07 – USD 4.88)

  So better take care of it honey.


Anyhoo, I was surprised to find that the device looks like the regular broadband device in my country because the other portable WiFi that I saw before looked more like a powerbank. It is kept inside this black case and it comes with a charger.

Here’s the specs:

  • Traffic flow limit: no limit
  • Max connected devices: 5
  • Max Using Span: 6-8 hours (connecting 1 device)
  • Weight: 75g
  • Size (mm): 96.8mm x 58mm x 12.8mm

How did it fare?

Very satisfactory. It’s lightweight, doesn’t take too much room in my small purse, and it could last for 6 hours before I had to charge it. If you travel with a powerbank then you can just easily juice it up and continue using it. As with the connection, I am quite impressed at how fast and reliable the Internet is. The only time it didn’t work well was when the train I was on entered an underground tunnel and it was only for several minutes. At one time I tethered 3 gadgets and I thought the connection would slow down; it didn’t.

For a device so small, it was able to deliver and I am very satisfied with. The only problem that I had was the fact that it doesn’t charge overnight. So I left it charging while I was sleeping but the next day, the battery was still low. But it charges perfectly when I connected it with my powerbank, then I can use it again with no trouble. Other than this weird thing, the device is okay.

Just to clarify, this is not a sponsored post. Like I mentioned, I paid for it. But I loved it so much, I thought I should share it. So if you are looking for a cheaper but reliable option for a WiFi provider I would only recommend one thing to you, and that is Klook.





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    March 6, 2017 at 2:43 AM

    Hi, did you provide paymaya virtual card?

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      Marjorie Gavan
      March 6, 2017 at 2:20 PM

      Hi Oscar, yes, that’s exactly what I used.

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        March 8, 2017 at 1:24 AM

        Cool. Really helpful blogpost. One more question, does the card must have available balance?

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